2008 Pontiac G8

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Official pictures.
They went pretty fast transforming the Commodore into a Pontiac…
What we now so far:
-3.6 Liter, 261hp V6, 5 speed auto and 18 inch wheels on the base model.
-6.0 Liter, 362hp V8, 6 speed auto and 19 inch wheels on the GT.

Let’s hope the V6 goes without all the skirts, scoops and spoilers…

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  1. i didn’t know i’d ever say this baout a pontaic, but this thing is FRACKEN GORGEOUS, i’ll take one just like the pictures right now thank you please. WAY TO GO GM. bringing over your aussie and european cars was the best move EVER.


  2. I am IN. If the quality and features are like my GTO, I will snap one up as soon as I can.
    Holden are the best arm that GM never knew about.
    GOOD JOB>>>>>

  3. What makes this different from the GTO?
    2 doors !!!!

    is there a market for this ?
    your kidding right ? is there a market for the 300 ??

  4. “What makes this different from the GTO?”

    How about a lower (base) price, a V6 option and 4 doors.

    Looks like the G8 is another GM transplant that translates very nicely to American.

  5. anon 2:48..you ask is there a market for this? and what is the difference b/ween this and a GTO?

    I hate to be Capt Obviuos, but an extra set of doors might have something to do with it.

    Holy cow GM, you are about to make a crap load of CA$H!!!!!

    Who else offers a V8 with 4 doors AND a six speed AND gorgeous looks? Can’t wait to see the price.


  6. I must admit that the Pontiac G8 has an excellent name. It will sell on its name alone to the chinese american community

  7. “Is there really a market for this? What makes this different from the GTO?”

    Yes there is a market for this. And it’s different from a GTO in that it has four doors, looks good, doesn’t resemble a bloated Cavalier and isn’t trying to leverage faux nostalgia. That’s all. This car will sell like crazy. I like the wheels too. I do not like the hood scoops. Hopefully there will be a delete option for that.

  8. They did a pretty amazing job. I hope the price on this stays competitive and it will be golden. They did an amazing job transforming the holden by adding a lot of pontiac detail.

    And btw, whats the deal with all those people who have to say every car looks like some other and they never actually look anything alike?

  9. Nice looking car but I dont like the G-6 airdam at all. I wish they put the 6 spd auto with the 6 cyl engine. Maybe they’ll do that when production moves to Canada. Is it going to have cylinder deactivation?

  10. I will be buying the Nissan Altima over this! However I am sure they will pick up some Redneck marketshare!

  11. “Is it going to have cylinder deactivation?”

    The V8 will. And several styling cues (20″ wheels, stylized Pontiac badges and hood scoops) are supposedly for the showcar only. And BTW, are rednecks the only people who drive RWD V8 cars? I guess a lot of rednecks must like Lexus and Infiniti, too.

  12. If those hood scoops are non-functional, they need to go away. Sheesh, even if they are functional, find another method to get some air in there.

  13. “I will be buying the Nissan Altima over this! However I am sure they will pick up some Redneck marketshare!”

    And you can say that judging from a show car that hasn’t even been released yet. You’re a genius! You won’t look like a redneck in an Altima. But you will look very ghetto. And you’ll look that way in a car with a crap interior.

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