2008 Saturn Vue Red Line

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I am not sure what the red line offers on top of the regular Vue.
You can already get the 3.6 Liter engine in the regular model.
I guess a stiffer suspension and bigger wheels…

Is that enough???

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  1. It does look better than the regular Vue but still way to busy, and it looks cartoonish, but im sure it will sell quite well for those that want a small suv…

  2. “Honda engine. ha ha ha”

    The new Vue doesn’t have a Honda engine anymore, but GMs DOHC 3.6L VVT V6. Ha ha ha. Speaking of Honda, the Vue (Red Line included) looks way better than the Honda CR-V.

  3. Wrong. The Honda engine is gone with the new model VUE. Say hello to GM’s most advanced and competitive V6.

  4. Overall, I like this. It looks smart and the design is much cleaner than the clumsy CRV or Rav. Two gripes about the design though… The front looks very bottom-heavy. And the rear tail light design looks unsophisticated. I might mistake it for a Kia or Hyundai from the rear.

  5. Is this the same V-6 made by GM’s chinese “partner” Shanghai Motors of China(same engine as the Equinox)? It should be good, as in no problems. The Equinox has been out with the Chinese engine for what, nearly 18 months now, and no issues?

  6. What is this cartoonish looking piece of crap? Looks awful.

    Horrible Honda motor??? It is the only reliable piece of equipment on the old Vue….

    The other guy who is talking about the Equinox having no issues with it’s chinese made motor, I strongly recommend you go on over to the Equinox forum and read about some of the head problems they are having…. Chinese crap.

    Honda CRV and Toyota RAV4 will outsell the new Vue without breaking a sweat. GM is crap.

  7. It is a really nice looking vehicle. The front air is a little too deep though. If it was a 2-3 inches smaller, then I think the vehicle would look awesome.

    Hey D.J. Why is the Honda engine horrible? It’s my understanding that the engine is actually very good. The way I see it is that GM using Honda’s engine was a joke because GM did’nt have an engine capable of doing the job.

  8. for all you morons that say it looks cartoonish and are bashing it because of that, your right about that since it IS a computer generated image. this is going to be a great competitor. i hope they offer some sort of performance upgrade as far as power.

  9. Hey JABU, How do you know that this is a computer generated image? More importantly, if this is a computer generated image, how do you know this image is’nt acurate? I agree though it will be a great competitor. I also read on the internet that there will no power upgrade. I was thinking though, if there was one, would GM make it with direct injection. I’d bet they would get 300 hp easy then. High torque at low rpm too.

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