2008 Scion xB

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Looks like the picture I posted a few weeks ago.
The one people called ‘way off”.

2.4 Liter engine from the tC, new platform, HID headlights, 160 watt stereo, stability control and 6 airbags.
All standard.

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  1. Toyota goes 3-for-3 in the ugly department. The new xB looks like a toaster on wheels. What are they putting in the water coolers over there? If anything, Toyota is a shoe-in for Chicago’s “Ugliest in Show” award.

  2. I actually like this much better than the previous one.
    To me, the shape is more interesting.
    Plus the 2.4 Liter engine is a great one.
    All it needs is good looking alloy wheels. And a glass roof .

  3. I like this a lot better than the original too. It’s still quirky and original, but now it looks less like a tiny bus. I also like that Toyota is apparently trying to unify Scion design. Both this and the xD are variations on the front end of the tC.

  4. That new C-pillar is some kind of blind spot.

    Ah, who cares? This thing is jaunty and fun. The old model was just too severe.

  5. Agreed. The old xB looked like the short bus I took to skewl everyday. This is much smarter looking.

  6. To Vince,
    I always like how your “Way Offs” are usually “Dead On”. Keep up the good work!

  7. i’m disappointed. the front end looks like a warped tc with an overly-protruding, mismatched bumper. the effect is similar to a person getting their wisdom teeth taken out and then having the lower part of their face swell.

  8. No AWD??? This thing really needs some assistance when it comes to travel in snowy regions! It’s light weight and extremely low ground clearance are the perfect formula for disaster!

  9. “No AWD…”

    What are you on about? The xB is a cheap, small city car, not an SUV. It’s not meant to go trundling up mountains or snowbanks.

    Offering AWD on this would be like offering AWD on a Civic or a Corolla: completely pointless. It would make the car so expensive it would defeat the purpose.

  10. No AWD shouldn’t be much of a problem. It’s going to come standard with traction control and stability control. Of course it’s front wheel drive. Combine those three things with some good snow tires and you’ll have a machine that can do pretty well in any snow that it’s ground clearance will allow, without the added weight or complexity of AWD. Seems like a good compromise to me.

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