2008 Subary Impreza sedan

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I guess this would be closer to the model we’ll actually get in the US.
Again, let’s hope the real thing looks way more modern than this…

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  1. The WRX is the sport version.
    Always looks “meaner”.
    I have an illustration of the 2008 WRX too.

  2. It’s amazingly rare that I see an Impreza on the roads where I live.

    This may make it even rarer.

  3. it looks 95% the same. I expected more curves.
    I hope the real one looks more different.
    I also hope less of a tin-like feel though out the cabin.

  4. Looks like it has just another new front end. The doors look pretty much the same as the current one…isn’t this supposed to be “all-new?”

  5. yeah. i dont think this will be anything like the real thing. these future vehicle illustrations like those featured on motortrend tend to look nothing like the production models.

    hopefully, they’ll wow us just like they did with their 300bhp Sti several years ago.

  6. Much the same as it’s been for years except for the Mazda front cap.
    It better perform well because not much else is going for it.

  7. VBC (Vince Burlapp Corp) should kidnap the designer
    and send him to Italy and teach him how to design
    a car.

  8. Subaru seems to be on a downward spiral as of late, when it comes to redesigns of their ‘once’ sharp looking platforms! The newly redesigned Forester will be the pinacle of their incompetence!

  9. like the new altima. no radical change.I now it is all new but, moooore of the same. think, if you are tired of the old design. the same ice cream flavor for 4 years more?

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