2008 Toyota Highlander

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At first, it does look weird.
And kind of familiar in a “giant RAV4” kind of way.
But it is not as nice looking as I thought it would be.
Just like the Carmy, they added quite a bit of ‘character lines” , but in a heavy handed and sometimes clumsy way.
The interior quality seems much better than the current model.

A bit of a disapointment…

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  1. Looks like a crappy Chinese knockoff. What a huge disapointment. Toyota should fire the designer and all the execs who approved this design. How can designers, who should be talented artists with good eyes, create such garbage?

  2. The outside is ok, rather bland. But then again we’ve come to expect such things from Toyota. And yes, it does look like a Rav4 on a protein shake diet.

    The interior is is amazing though. I didn’t have much hope for it after the questionable interior on the Rav4, but this gotta be best in class. Good job.

  3. I like Toyota but this is just ugly. With all that money, you think they will hire some decent designers.

  4. Who designs these things… Seriously they are worthless. Absolutely no sense of style like some self-lothing adolescent hipster jackass or something. The interior looks good.

  5. I think its 110% improvement over the 7 year old design we have now and the rav4 looks is actually a complement, it itself looked very good.

  6. It looks sort of like the current Highlander, but ruined with several clumsily-executed styling cues. And the interior looks to have more of Toyota’s signature urine-colored plood. Overall a poor effort. GMs new crossovers should eat this thing for breakfast and crap it out by lunch.

  7. The front looks like the latest Subaru Forester…not sure yet if I like it, maybe it’s better in person

  8. I like it! It’s evolutionary not revolutionary, which I think will appael to those that Like this vehicle. The interior looks really good. Very Lexus like.
    You know with the Domestics and Asians getting better with Interior designs it’s going to get tough for the Europeans.

  9. the interior is very nice, but maybe it’s just me, but the exterior looks like a Mitsubishi to me….

  10. One of the previous posters hit the nail on the head, it looks just like the facelifted Subaru Forester. Not a face many want to imitate…

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