2010 BMW 5 Series

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I guess the 5 series is supposed to get a new design for the 2010 model year.
And these illustrations show what it could look like.

That is still 3 years away and we’ll see the all new 7 series before. The new 7 will set the new design style for BMW.
These only show us a 5 that pretty much looks like a big 3 series.

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  1. YES YES YES! I love this design direction. They’ll have to do something to distinguish it further from the 3 series. But this illustration is a very good sign. The current 5 series (and the flame surfacing concept in general) was such a garish trend that I lost all passion for BMWs completely.

    BMW is back!

  2. wow, looks like every other BMW that has been out since 2000. BMWs reliability is questionable as is Toyotas. Their marketing to make you think otherwise is stellar, the actual cars are not!!!

  3. This illustration looks like what should have come before the one we have now. Current one looks more evolutionary than this illustration.

  4. Waaaaayyyy nicer looking then the present 5. I thought BMW would do more of a total redesign of the 5 by 2010 though. I do like it a lot though.

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  6. Vince,

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  7. Is something wrong with my computer? I do not see any illustrations. I see everything else. Hmmm…

  8. her site suck$. it must be a start-up so she is worried everyone’s copying her pics. welcome to the internet lady!

  9. Vince – Please remove my BMW pictures. And ANY and ALL others from the names below.Unless you want to PAY and CREDIT them. YOU KNOW BETTER!!!!!!!Thanks.Brenda Priddy andAutomediaCarparazziChristian Schulte Design

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