50th Anniversary Toyota Camry Hybrid

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Regular loaded Camry hybrid with uglier wheels and only one color available.

At $31 680, really not a good deal….

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  1. I guess they are celebrating 50 years of Toyota being in the US.
    But still, not such a great celebration.

    3000 units of an overpriced version of an already available model.
    And I don’t think a “limited” edition of the Camry would fool anyone into thinking they are driving something special and different…

  2. One color only and it’s one I don’t like. The wheels look like something from the 1980’s.

    Mmm, no thanks.

  3. a bomb, this won’t work…they are sounding more and more like GM as the days go by…..50th ann. edition…..high # of recalls….large sales #’s ????? the future at toyota doesn’t look bright.

  4. At least Toyota is attempting to make something interesting out of an inherently uninteresting car.

    On a side note, I was behind a Prius today with two bumper stickers.
    The first said “Hillary Clinton 2008.” The second said “I support our troops in Iraq… I use less fuel.” The woman was so fat, it was no wonder she didn’t have a sticker that said “I use less resources, I eat less food.” I seriously thought about rear-ending that pious dweeb. Sorry, rant over.

  5. boring or not, it will sell like hot cake especially in crowded cities where hybrids can drive on HOV lanes. there are plenty of toyota and lexus hybrids here in the dc area.

    toyota is number 2 for a reason (and not from selling cars to rental fleet). they know what the mass wants. remember i said “mass” not the car enthusiasts here.

  6. LOL i completely agree with your comment about the wheels vince, why buy this piece of shit when you could buy a preowned lexus for less??

  7. I understand why people would buy the regular Camry hybrid.
    Although unlike the Prius it does not qualify for the car pool lane.
    But I don’t get whay would 3000 people (That’s the output of the limited model) would buy this one over the regular Hybrid….

  8. 3,000…I guess they could sell that relatively small number.

    I am however surprised they went with white…

  9. really vince? it does not qualify for car pool lane where you are? here in the dc/nova/md, every hybrid including cng cars is qualified for car pool lanes as long as you pay a little ($25.00) for the hybrid license plate.

    as far as the white, ia am sure it is not the regular white. there is a pearly white (can’t remember the exact name) available on the sienna limited and it looks really really good.

  10. I seriously thought about rear-ending that pious dweeb.

    In reality, it’s pious to think of rear-ending someone who drives a fuel-efficient car.

    The Camry 50th anniversary model might not be your cup of tea, but for a car to evoke such anger…well, it’s not the car that is the problem.

    Long live conservationists.

  11. “In reality, it’s pious to think of rear-ending someone who drives a fuel-efficient car.”

    Actually, my disgust wasn’t based entirely on the car. It was the car, the self righteous low-class bumper stickers on the back of it combined with the piggish person behind the wheel. It’s easy to immediately dislike a person like that. Especially since comments like those on the bumper stickers are hypocritical and the illogical “Iraq” statement made no sense. An individual would burn less fuel and create less congestion if they carpooled. Zero drops of fuel if chubbs rode a bike.

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