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The small Mazda might make it to the US. Competing with the Yaris, Scion etc…
A 3 door is coming later.

The next Ford Fiesta will use the same frame.

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  1. The hood and fender area gets a little wacky but otherwise a good competitor in the small car segment.

  2. Wow–looks really cool. I doubt it will be cheap enough to make a big impact here in Northern Europe though. The Mazda name isn’t premium enough to be considered above a sencond hand 1 series or A3. New small cars are generally Korean or French (less expesive).

  3. is this supposed to be a part of its new design direction or did this come before that? when can we begin to see models derived from the most recent concepts?

  4. It looks great and I hope it does come to Canada and US. I truly hope the interior that was spied is changed considerably though. As it looked out of style with the rest of the car.

    The only concern I have is about it’s size. If it’s truly smaller than the Mazda 3, (which already feels very tight inside compared to the Nissan Versa) then it may be a little too small for the NA market.

    Also, Since Mazda is not in the same class as Honda, Nissan and Toyota, they will need to come in cheaper with a cheaper price point to really make an impact.

  5. Anonymous said…
    Nice little car, but I don’t need or want something this small.

    8:59 AM
    I agree, to a point. if this were say the size of the upcoming Astras, it would be borderline big enough( also, 0-60 times, since I do a lot of hwy traveling…would be important, to me, for getting onto the hwys, etc, fairly safely).
    3 doors, eh? Like the Astra, perhaps( a 130-140HP would be nice, too, in this, considering Versa gets what, 122-125HP, and the new xD 127HP?).
    The reason why I won’t buy the new 3 door Accent is it is slow, now, compared to these other vehicles(and a tad small).
    Gimme 0-60 in 8.5-9.5 seconds, and I’ll think about it.Like the front and sides, a lot, back is VW-ish.

  6. Mazda does a good job with their designs. This almost reminds me of some Peugeot or Opel. Since there’s no longer any cheap Euro brand here in North America since VW went upmarket, maybe this is Mazda’s chance to take that market. They’re definitely developing a good reputation for being fun to drive, good-handling, zippy, etc. Yeah, I know Mazda’s Japanese…but their styling and driving dynamics are better (and more European) than the average Japanese car company.

  7. Interestingly in Australia Mazda are generally considered to be slightly upmarket from Nissan and Toyota and below Honda, though the smaller Honda’s are not as prestigeous as the larger ones.
    My experience with a small Mazda is that this would be a much nicer and better quality car than a small GM Daewoo thing or a Hyundai.

  8. This and the Yaris are my favourite little city cars so far…

    … Okay, the Smart is really funky and cool, but I didn’t mean that small.

    Any word on the mileage or performance for it?

  9. In order to keep the milleage down on ’04 leased car, I bought a shitty little ’91 mazda 323 with 250Km on it. 2 years later it’s still running as smooth ever with over 300K on all original drivetrain components. This car has been the most reliable car I have ever owned without a doubt. In the two years I had this car, I’ve only had to change regular ware’n tear things like oil, brakes, and belts.

    This car isn’t pretty, or anything to brag about but is definitly example of the definition of reliability. I used to have a 93 civic si hatch… and around 200k everything started to go.

    My family has also had an MPV from ’89 and it is still ticking fine with over 300K on it too.. the tranny had to be replaced at 240K, but was only $1300.. and so far it’s lasted.

    Mazda makes stuff that lasts.

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