Another safe Chinese car……..

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Just tested: The Chery QQ.
Which is a copy of the Daewoo/Chevrolet Matiz.

Which itself didn’t score well in crash tests. So you can imagine the results of the Chinese copy.
Actually, you don’t even have to. Just look at the pictures above…

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  1. who would ever buy this carap
    i can’t wait to seeone around town.
    my buddies and i will do what we have to do

  2. Hummm it’s nice. It even opens the door during the crash, what extraordinary safety equipment… It saves time for the rescue team, so when they reach the accident the car is already opened. Brilliant

    LoL Just Joking eheheheh

  3. Vince, how do you judge that this is a bad crash? How fast was it going, what are you comparing this to? I’m sure any car will get damaged in a crash if its going fast enough. You cant just show a pic and say its bad without knowing the details.

  4. “How fast was it going, what are you comparing this to?”

    It’s a crash test. So the speed of the vehicle is the same as other vehicles tested. I don’t know what the speed is in China, but it’s 30mph in the US. I suppose that Vince assumed that it did poorly because the roof caved-in, the floor folded, the door opened, and the steering wheel bent back from the force of the test dummy hitting it.

  5. I really appreciate your blog Vincent, but this news is way off. This car has been crashtested at least a full year ago and it’s incredible how much Chinese carmakers have improved eversince. Besides: this car will not be released abroad. It is ment for little citytrips on the low-speed Chinese roads.

    The Chrylser Voyager however… now thát is bad.

  6. Chinese vehicles might be improving, but I haven’t seen a single Chinese vehicle do well in any crash test. It’s a primary reason that they haven’t been successful entering the US market.

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