Audi A5

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Really, that’s it?!
No glass roof, nothing really original. At least from the top.

I can’t imagine Audi bringing out something really new to the table wit this one.

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  1. Spy shots have shown a glass roof will be available … and the convertible will evenutally take the place of the A4 Cabriolet.

  2. It’s one little picture fer chrissakes! At least wait for the official unveiling before you trash the A5. And BTW, exactly what is it that’s really new that Nissan and Honda are bringing to the table with their coupes? Nothing really original you can bet.

  3. what does the countdown at the top of the ad mean? 15 more what till the A5? minutes, days, weeks, months?

  4. You know what would really be nice, if they bring reliability to the market. That would something new from Audi

    That combined with the fact that they keep on doing the same interior designs since the mid nineties, I highly doubt this car will offer anything original.

    Why would anyone by this over the exceptional Infiniti G and BMW 3 coupes?

  5. Audi interiors are among the most attractive in the business, so why should they change the style? It’s eons beyond the low grade plasticky interiors Infiniti uses in the G, and way better looking than the BMW 3.

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