Audi A5

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Not quite sure if this is the real thing, or an illustration.
No matter what it is, it does look very good.
A convertible version of this should be pretty stunning.

Let’s hope quality improves at Audi as well.

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  1. looks too upscale to be the A5 to me.
    more like competition to the 6-Series. but well, noone knows…

  2. Quality needs to improve? Audi doesn’t have much reliablility problems anymore, and their quality, which is a completely different thing, is hands-down the best there is in the segment.

  3. I agree with 10:53, it looks really upscale…but there is nothing wrong with that…AUDI has to do a great job to steal sales from the CLK and 3er coupe buyers. The ougoing A4 conv didn’t do too well, although it was a sweetheart.

  4. booooring german crap

    monte carlo is way cheaper and still looks much bette after al these years

  5. that’s actually a photoshop of the A6 4.2 S or the long wheelbase A6. the actual a5 is a little shorter than that but overall you get all the picture.

  6. douchebag, when you make stupid comments like “monte carlo …” people stop taking you seriously ! The monte carlo has to be one of the ugliest cars ever made, the monte carlo is for rednecks !!

  7. I’m convinced that Douche is a shill for Toyota. Because his babbling certainly doesn’t help convince me to buy domestic.

    Anyway, this car looks bland and bloated. But then again, so does the Mercedes coupe. To me, the “personal coupe” era went away in the early 90s when the Lincoln Mk7 was replaced with the awkward Mk8.

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