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Not sure how it works. Or even if it does work.
But it looks great!

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  1. I guarantee, this is a toyota. they are cocky enough to introduce this and expect that you will buy it

  2. This has been around for a LOOOOOOOONG time, Vince. It was made by Billy Gibbons, guitarist from ZZ Top. Personally, I think it’s cool.

  3. wow! groovy dude! a VW micro-bus-ball! i am sure us hippies and surfer dudes would get a good kick out of this one! that is, if it ever gets massed produced and goes on sale at VW dealers.

  4. Seeing this made me crack up. Love this! How does the thing move, though? Is it even powered by a motor or do you just have to use your own body to (try unsuccessfully) to roll yourself and hope you don’t hit a rock?

  5. It’s one of his (ZZ top guy’s) art projects. Obviously doesn’t have an engine or anything and I don’t think it’s structurally sound enough to actually roll.

  6. Perfect for a “Don’t laugh at my van, you’re daughter is rolling in the back!” bumper sticker.

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