BMW camper

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BMW will offer this new option on the !seris.
You can go back and forth from the tent to the car through the hatchback.
Interessting idea. And a bit insane.

The famous Aztek used to offer something like this in the US.
But it didn’t look like the white balls from “The Prisoner”…

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  1. you won’t be laughing when this car’s fuel becomes hydrogen then you can turn the car on and get water and oxygen in the tent.

  2. Question…So this big air bag is for camping huh? When this thing is deflated and stored in the car, how much room is left to carry other camping items with 3 people in the car?

  3. That’s no camping accessory, that’s one of them new fangled pedestrian airbag systems. Useful for backing up in such places as walmart where the generally inconsiderate and large boned folk congregate in large herds.

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