Bring back the old names Part 2: Taurus X

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Yes.. X

The Freestyle, wich was a wagon version of the 500 anyway, becomes a wagon version of the Taurus.
And they’ll call it the Taurus X.

Why not…..

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  1. the taurus was the best sedan you could buy.
    i rememebr when i saw my 1st one. some guy i know just came home with the all new model
    it was a sporty 5 speed manual and i think it was even a 4 cilinder
    this thing got great mileage and he kept if foe ever.
    iit did look better than any crappy import

  2. i think that this freest… uh, i mean taurus x looks much better than before! it looks more upscale now, and with the bigger engine, is actually quite a good vehicle.

    the name isnt that great, but the vehicle itself looks like a nice update to me.

  3. i just laugh really hard when billy says jack nassar didn’t know what the hell he was doing. pot calling the kettle……..

  4. OK I get
    Since Ford is struggling to make a profit, it decided to invest in pharmaceutical companies and is doing all it can to give car enthusiasts high blood pressure and tension headaches.
    They’re obviously pushing our buttons on purpose. U can’t be that stupid and not know it.

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