Chrysler minivan still secret???

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This picture was taken last week and they are still driving these things with all the camouflage they had months ago.
They even take the time to cover them up while parked….

Weird isn’t it…

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  1. It may sound crazy, but the ones at the Detroit Auto Show could be “concept” or “pre-production” form… just a really crazy thought.

  2. Not the crossover, it’s too big.
    I didn’t think of the VW version..
    That would be actually pretty bad. This thing looks exactly like the Chrysler/Dodge.

    I’ll check this week….

  3. Who really cares guys let’s get real it’s just a frigging minivan anyway and one of the last ones before platform extinction to boot!

  4. Lol whats the point of covering it. We’ve already seen it, and others probably wont even notice it, its one of the most unnoticable cars out there.

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