Dodge Demon Concept

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They’re not kidding when they said they wanted to go after the Miata and Solstice.
This thing looks great.

It seems to be closer to the Miata, form the proportions.
But the interior, at least on the concept, looks better than the Solstice.

Power comes from the 2.4 Liter used in the Caliber. And the 300hp version is a possibility.
Let’s hope this is one of these concepts that is actually based oon an upcoming production car.

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  1. I don’t like it. I think it’s weird wheel arches, or maybe that droopy crease to the vent along the side.

    Although the color really doesn’t help. Maybe if it were in black it would be much improved.

  2. Incredibly ugly, especially in comparison to their prior concept roadsters. Please DO NOT BUILD THIS.

  3. One UGLY car. Looks as if it was penned in the 50s and that the persion sketching ot forgot to shred it. The front is just a LITTLE oversized!!

  4. What does it say about Chrysler when the best they can do is a “Solstice” like knock off?

    I don’t see anything original here that is being not been done already…right now. The overall design looks out of proportion and over exposes the weak derivative lines.

    Take this one back to the drawing board.

  5. Audi tt taillights, s2000 headlights, and a bunch of dodge stuff in between. looks like a collision resulting from those 3 brands!

  6. I think it’s unusually quirky in a good way, and the interior is tastefully minimalist. Maybe a little honing of the body panels with the same freshness of the interior.

  7. mix a viper,bmw z4, and the new firepower concept car in a blender and you get that…….and remember, shake well before drive

  8. Very nice !! Hopefully it’s priced a little under the Miata. Interior is much better than the Solstice/Sky, but then again that isn’t too hard. As long as they don’t put the cup holders behind your elbow and against the passengers knee as they do in the Solstice/crap/Sky !

  9. i actually like it. i think the wheel wells need a bit of reworking and the front grill needs to go asap. slap on a front end similar to the viper and thats one hot looking roadster. if they did come out with one, they cant get greedy! they need it price around 16-18k to compete with the solstice and miata. and it would probably take alot of young kids away from the scion tc crowds and honda civic crowds. this could really work for the chrysler group.

  10. something interesting about this is besides the odd wheel wells, it looks production ready. its doesnt look alot like the usual concept.

  11. this looks terrible! it is a mish mash of cars that are already on the market! the interior (steering wheel, vent shape and placement) is a direct rip off of the current mazda mx-5. the rear end looks like a cheap copy of the new audi tt, except that it doesnt look nearly as elegant. the front end looks like a neutered dodge viper…

    and i agree with the above poster that the grille is WAY too big. it is disproportionally large compared to the head lights. and also, whats up with the wheel wells? they look stupid, and the sharp creases in the fenders look unfinished.


    i can’t believe the crap that the chrysler group is coming out with these days…

  12. You can’t really knock it. Im glad they’re serious about the small roadster.

    But wow, you can really see the demon personality in it. Almost too much for some people.

  13. Is it just me or does the rear end look like that of a honda, like the current honda accord coupe?

  14. It has the same surface and form language as a truck! It’s a sports car for guys who don’t like women’s bodies- a sports car needs some sex and I have a feeling this designer isn’t gettin’ any.

  15. The interior is nice, although I bet the materials use look and feel cheap.

    The rest of it is awful. It hit every branch of the ugly tree on the way down.

  16. Someone said “hideous grill'” I would like to second. Unless there is any discussion, everyone…say I!

  17. Yuck. Looks like an S2000 with a TT rear end grafted on, followed by an overbearing / overscaled Dodge grill.

  18. I kind of like it, has the Viper grille, and the rear end is different. But they while car looks like it was designed by people who realized at the last minute that maybe they should have worked as a team…The interior looks basic which isn’t bad, but doesn’t have the ambiance of a Sky/Solstice, looks like an old Neon inside with silver plastic…Not sure about this one but, you can count on DCX getting this out there they are notorious for quick concept to showroom turnaround.

  19. Maybe this is the unnamed car to be sourced in China, Could it sell for $10k? I think I like the Hornet better, though.

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