Filling up the GTR

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I guess that happens a lot.
With over 400hp and all…

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  1. I still can’t believe that a car looking that futuristic is actually going into production. A car that looks like what we thought would be made in 2008 back in the 90s.

  2. what the hell!!!
    another overpriced japanese car/
    when you can get a corvette for half the price. a legend

  3. It’ll be at least as fast as a 911 Turbo for probably a little over Z06 money. REALLY overpriced huh…

  4. Nissan is a medium priced brand. If this thing sells for $70k, they will have a hard time attracting the wannabes that look for status symbols. At $70k, in addition to driving dynamics, it is about driver ego and status insecurities as well. It is better to sell it as an Infiniti.

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