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  1. Absolutely sensational those aftermarket taillights, oh how I love them – and they look so wonderfully cheap and tasteless.

  2. I’d never own a GM product, but this thing is very nice. A little redneck looking, but still nicely styled.

    I hope it’s a good seller for GM, but I doubt it.

  3. Okay, I could do without the hood scoops and the outdated tail lamps, but this car is very very nice overall and will sell like crazy. And as for the redneck comments, it’s much more tasteful and refined than the Altima, the Maxima, any Subaru or the Passat. I’d likely put the G8, the S4, the new CTS and the G35 on my shortlist if I were shopping for a car today.

  4. One of the few times when being conservative is a good thing. Nice clean decent car. Good job Australia!

  5. I don’t think there is anything redneck about this car. It’s origins or anything. I think it is a good looking sports sedan and the interior is better than anything pontiac is offering right now. I like the center console.

    We’ll see what happens…. It looks like better quality than anything pontiac has now…

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