Guess who’s back….

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I don’t know what to say….
And I feel a little bit sick.

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  1. I guess you like the old night rider shows
    Will Hasselhoff still be behind the wheel or behind a double D sized babe?

  2. Well actually I wasn’t.
    I liked the car, I thought it was cool. But I never got into any of the stories….
    So I’m not really looking forward to the movie version of a show I didn’t watch.
    And I have no idea if the Baywatch mann will be in it.
    My guess would be no.

  3. Yawn.
    I’d rather see the following return:
    Perry Mason
    Alfred Hitchcock

    What happened to the really good detective and similar programs?
    Who needs a brainless human supported by a talking Pontiac?

  4. Can’t people think up something more original? Or every 20 years we get to have recycled programs? Sheesh, no wonder Hollywood is losing money lately! No one can think of anything ORIGINAL!

  5. I wish they would stop screwing with my childhood memories. Hollywood has screwed up Starsky and Hutch, The Dukes of Hazzard, and now Knight Rider. Yea, I know they weren’t exactly Emmy winning shows, but I was just a kid at the time, so who cares.

  6. just that people who grow up watching those shows are now in positions of money and influence and they would like to bring back their childhood memory by remaking those shows. cannot wait to see ‘alf’. ha ha ha

  7. Haven’t they already tried to resurrect Knight Rider severl times now? I remember a made for TV movie that turned into a short lived UPN “action pack” show years ago (before they hit their stride with Hercules and Xena).

    In any case, looks like their using a Koenigsegg (, which I’d think was pretty cool if the movie wasn’t gauranteed to make a mockery out of the car.

  8. I’d much rather have this kind of show than the horrible Law and Order, the CSI franchise and other unoriginal detective shows. There is a reason that network programming is declining quickly… it all sux! If I wanted to watch the reality of murder and rape, I always have the local news. For enjoyable entertainment, I’ll take nightrider any day.

  9. it was a grat show
    one of the best ever
    that car was grat american icon admired all over the world

  10. I used to love the tv show, it was great.

    I hope they’re planning to bring the old-man hasselhoff back

    New fresh actor & fresh car, people will see!

  11. An 80’s Firebird was never admired around the world.

    But television only cares if people will watch. Maybe they will. I hope they won’t.

  12. Vince, Adrian Paul from the Highlander T.V. Series is the top candidate for the lead role! Let’s hope they get a well voiced actor to play the part of K.I.T.! Perhaps Paul Reubins, A.K.A. Pee Wee Herman could fill the role.

  13. Fran drove a 1961 Rambler, while Kukla and Ollie sang in the back seat! I would love to see the old shows released on DVD again before they are all forgotten!

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