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I just found out today is Bob Lutz’s birthday!
He was born on this day 1932 in Zurich.

A great car guy we should all be thankful for.

If GM isn’t completely tanking right now, it’s because of him.
If GM makes some money soon, it’ll be because of him.
If GM turns around and produces cars millions of people actually can’t wait to buy, it’ll be because of him.

I can’t wait for the next Camaro, Impala, GTO, thanks to him.

Happy 75!

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  1. Hopefully another 25 more years for the guy.
    He really changed the future of Saturn around as well as what to see with Pontiac, but I don’t know what he will do for Buick. And I hope SAAB also has more luck since I don’t want it to go.
    Vince any new pics of the forthcoming SAABS?

  2. I have a pic of the convertible. An illustration of the revised 2008 model.
    It looks very nice.
    New front end and they finally got rid of the cheap looking black trims around the car.
    I like SAABS.
    They are getting more reliable too.
    2.8 Liter will be pushed to 290hp with AWD.

  3. bob lutz edmunds interview:

    “And though he’s recently retired, Ferdinand Piech of Volkswagen-Audi is perhaps a somewhat flawed personality because of his enthusiasm and intellectual brilliance and his passion for high-performance machines. I think this caused him to lose balance a little bit, and it’s a balance that I’ve always struggled to maintain within myself, because you’ve got to take care of the bread-and-butter stuff. Perhaps what Piech did was he neglected the bread-and-butter Volkswagens and let them get a little bit old as he was doing Lamborghini Murcielagos and Lamborghini Gallardos and Bugatti Veryons, Bentley W8s, Volkswagen Phaetons and multicylinder, 12-cylinder, 16-cylinder luxury cars — until the cows come home. This was pursuing his own personal passion and doing these exciting, exceptional cars, which get the attention of the car magazines and car enthusiasts like me, but they don’t really move the day-to-day iron. But he’s still, if somewhat flawed, an amazing guy with incredible intuition for what works and what doesn’t. What he did to transform Volkswagen-Audi from sort of a lackluster, somewhat dull company into a company producing really exciting, vibrant cars is really pretty impressive.”

  4. Bob Lutz is one of those apologists who does nothing but whine all day about the “unfair” trade regulations that allowed Japan to dominate the North American car market. I don’t give him ANY credit whatsoever, since he’s such a jingoistic douchebag. He’s 75? Maybe after he’s gone, GM will stop waving the American flag with their stupid ad campaigns and excuses.

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