HHR in Europe

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That’s right.
The HHR is coming!

The weird thing to me is the absence of diesel engine for the European Market. So far they are only talking about the 2.2 Liter and 2.4 Liter engines.
The same ones we get over here.
You ‘d think they would squeeze some Opel diesel in there somehow to give the thing a fighting chance on the European market…

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  1. But where is it going to be sold, in Chevy USA dealerships (next to Tahoe, Trailblazer and Cadillacs) or in GM-Daewoo dealerships (next to Aveo, Nubira etc.)?

  2. If they were to supply Europe with diesels that would mean they would have to ship engines in from Europe and send it to Mexico and then be shipped back to Europe again in an HHR. Iguess…

  3. The PT Cruiser wave is over, even in Europe. So, the HHR comes too late. It won’t be a success. But then, it’s a nice car for the Chevrolet line-up which only consists of former Daewoo cars.

  4. There was no PT wave in Europe as far as I know… They will sell a couple of hundred to individuals of misterious profile and perhaps a few thousand if sold via GM-Daewoo dealerships. These cars may have an impact in the USA, but to an average European their heritage means nothing.

  5. This car actually sucks more than the PT because it is a 100 years far behind any PT wave in history. Moreover, this car has been a disgrace in sells here in the US, and so it still carries the 90’s reliability issues of GM.

    Forget this, wait for the next Corolla wagon version or the Matrix. Or just get a Mazda 3 SP5!

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