Hiding the Chrysler

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Again, I’m not sure why this was still covered. Some people here have suggested it might be the VW version.
Can you spot anything here that says VW???

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  1. “Can you spot anything here that says VW???”

    Yep. The front passenger-side window doesn’t go all the way up. Switch is probably broken. Definitely a VW.

  2. i know of no VW version of the chrysler.. unless it’s a US only thing. because VW is working on its own new minivan (to substitute the sharan) based on the Passat platform here in europe.. by the way was the sharan (=seat almera and ford galaxy) even sold in the US?

    that could explain that

  3. Yah Vince, I spotted the VW thing right away. The VIN number on the dash begins with the number ‘3’, which means it will be built in Mexico along side most of all the other VW’s and Chryslar products!

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