Hiding the Ford

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Looks like the new US Focus.
But this was taken last week, a while after the car was shown to the public.
And it is still covered….

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  1. maybe ford thought americans were stupid enough to think it was something new….

    that would explain alot about ford lately.

  2. disguises sometimes stay on test cars for a few weeks after the press photos have been released… theres a lot of test cars out on the road and the experimental/test fleet people sometimes dont get around to removing camo for a little while. thats all…

  3. Hopefully after the miserable response the awful reskinned Focus received, Ford went back to the drawing board. One could only hope.

  4. Looks to me like 50 series rubber on the wheels. Could this be the 08 and-a-half ST model with a 2.3?

  5. It could be just further testing or maybe they saw the reaction and they are tweaking the look.

    Or maybe with Ford reviving nameplates and such of late, maybe this is the Mercury version? Maybe we’ll see the return of the Mercury Tracer or some other vehicle to replace it and give Mercury a C-Segment vehicle?

    Just a thought — but it’s possible since they need to try and get more folks into Lincoln-Mercury showrooms.

  6. Where can I buy me some car disguises so I can look cool, too – you know, like I’m driving around in the next cutting edge automobile?!

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