Honda Crossroad

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Here are more pictures of the little Honda SUV.

I still think it would be a good choice for the US line up.
Below the Element and right against the new Scion xB.
Available with a 1.8 Liter with 140hp, or a 2.0 Liter with 150hp.
And you can even get a sunroof! (unlike the xB)

So, why the hell not…

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  1. It actually looks good. Something I rarely say about a honda. This should be what replaces the element but looks never mattered anyway to those buyers. If it had a honda emblem on it, they bought it cause they were boring.

  2. Why the hell not indeed. Replace the Element with this. I bet it would sell much better than the Element and the xB. The Crossroad is much less goofy looking than either.

  3. Good ol honda, ugly as hell. I’m not sure if the saturn vue is this things competition but if it is there isn’t any competition. The saturn is so much more visually to look at.

  4. This must be a joke, right? Is this refrigerator box design going to be a Honda theme? It looks so junky.

  5. Say it with me: The xB is a car, not an SUV.

    The xB is smaller than this, and doesn’t pretend to be an offroader. I fail to see how the two compete, if anything this seems to be slightly lower end competetor to the Rav 4.

  6. Personally, I would take a “Stream” over a “Crossroad”. Why Honda don’t bring the Steam in North America?

  7. If it’s smaller than the CRV and Rav4 then I’m not sure what it’s competing with other than the xB?

    The elmement is more about cargo capasity than squeezing in seating for seven.

  8. Looks like a bigger Honda Excrement, only it somehow manages to be even uglier, both inside and out (what’s with the overly busy dash layout?). It looks like something the Chinese would design. The Crossroad is so ugly, it should be called the Crosseyed.

  9. People can bash the Element all they want…..unless you drive one and live with one you cant appreciate its utilty…..i like the crossroad…..but it will never replace the Element.

  10. What did Honda do? Take a design from 10/15 years ago, blow off the dust and build it. The xb is ugly to me but looks like a car from 2007. Honda needs new truck designers.

  11. 12:57,
    I can say the same thing about you. For the record, the Aztek was just as plug ugly as this thing.

  12. For those who don’t like this SUV
    -Fred Mertz, 6:11, 6:17, 7:18, 7:07, 10;33, 2:30
    –Don’t bash it until you finally see it.

    The Element and Civic took sometime for Americans to get used to and the same will feel the same with this(at first). People were calling the Elements lunch boxes and the Civics Saturns and now their great sellers and have loyalists(see the people above) which is all fine.

    Honda is not sure of the Element’s future and according to Winding Road online magazine, the US won’t import the Crossroad, but yet again they said that with the first generation CR-V.
    The truth is that many people feel that the new CR-V is too big and that the Element might be too trucky, so why not add the Crossroad to pay homage to the first gen. Cr-V?
    The light weight SUV market is becoming more and more competitive and Honda will need everything that is has in dealing w/ going competition and admirers who loved the first generation CR-V.
    I think the CrossRoad, might not be the best looking to everyone, but not everyone should have the same taste and I hope I can buy a CrossRoad
    as my next vehicle.

  13. Vince, I have to say that this new model keeps up the tradition that was first started with the CR-V and RAV4 over 10 years ago much better than the current CR-V does! From my 19 year old perspective, this vehicle is MUCH COOLER than the new CR-V or the Element! I REALLY LIKE this vehicle ALOT and would definately buy one when it comes to the states!

  14. It is 9:25 again, and I am glad 9:45 agrees with me.
    I apologize from the grammar and I hope you enjoy the (better) photos that I posted at 7:32 and the multimedia stuff at 11;48pm.
    Perhaps these links will provide a more defined version of this really cool vehicle.

    — Mark Yoshida, SoHo New York.

  15. I totally agree with posting 9:45PM! The Crossroads fills the HUGE GAP left in Hondas’ lineup when the 2nd generation CR-V ended production! The coolest thing about it besides the RUGGED LOOKS is the fact it can seat up to 7 passengers! The current CR-V can’t even do that!

  16. Video: tour(design):make sure you click controls**This is a really hot car and does offer lighter color seats, unlike the Scion XB Which Vince felt its interior was too dark.This thing has xeons and a sunroof. If it makes it to the US, I wonder of they will gives us a stripped down version?

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