Honda Hybrid concept

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Honda will present this Hybrid concept at the upcoming Geneva auto show.
It is rumored to be almost as big as an Accord (maybe the smaller Euro Accord/TSX)

Will this be a new kind of Prelude, or more like a new, larger Insight???

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  1. I thought sports coupes were over after Honda dropped the Prelude, Toyota dropped the Celica and Acura dropped the NSX. But I guess theyre back, though that preview shot wasnt too impressive.

  2. my guess is it will be a prelude and fall right in between the civic (si?) and accord v6. it could also be a preview of a new crx coupe/hatch that might come in a few years and it will have incoporated hybrid technology which will most likely be much cheaper in years to come. could be lookin at a price that falls below the civic line.

  3. If this were just a few years ago, I would have said no way, but sport coupes are on the rebound. VW has green lighted a Scirocco, so a new Prelude seems plausible. As an owner of a 98 Prelude, I can attest to the goodness of these cars and hope Honda will consider another run, since the Accord coupe concept at NAIAS was awful, and the 1990s GM minivan Civic Si front end is even worse.

  4. I read a few months ago that the insight would be back and alot bigger and more practical, but cant find that article currently, this aint a Prelude !

  5. insight would be back and more practical you say? thats ridiculous. one look at this and you can tell it isnt anymore practical. this is a sport coupe. practicality is not something a sport has. it may very well be replacing the insight but it also seems to me that it is the rebirth of the prelude.

  6. Practicality as in interior volume for things , look at the interior of a insight then the interior of a scion tc or prius, the original insight had barely any room for anything above its batteries in the cramped hatchback, also i didnt write that article ! just read it !!!


    well, this report from Jan said that Honda is building a new 5 seater vehicles( think it said Insight) and to price it below 23K(cheaper than a Prius?).
    Set for sale by 2009, and they say they’ll sell 200,000 annually, with 100,000 in USA alone.

    If it looks 1/2 as good as the sketch Vince has posted….. I’ll definitely be looking, especially at Under 23K MSRP.

    Well, this site seems to have the insider info…. and they say Insight. Guess we will find out this Wed or Thursday, during the Press Days?
    Hey, if the Tesla can be a sports car, electric, and “Green”, why not this?

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