Hyundai i30

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Yes, i30….
I know. Exactly like the old Infiniti model.
That should tell you right there this car isn’t for the US market. Unless they change the name.

But for now anyway, we don’t get it.
Too close to the Elantra.
In Europe it will fight agaisnt the Focus/Golf/Astra/Megane crowd.

1.6 and 2.0 liter engines will be offered.

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  1. I liked the styling of the old GT better(on Hyundai fan sites, etc, a roumor of a new 5 door Elantra have surfaced;this could be it).
    This is a WAGON. WAGON’s back in the day were = to today’s minivans(well, minus the Kia Sedona, perhaps, due to it’s almost spporty nature, I read) other words, NOT COOL(to me).
    If this were car like in design( see the old GT Elantra, or even THE DESIGN of the current Suzuki Reno) THAT is how a 5 door should look( or even better, then 5 door Mondeo, thebest example,IMHO, of how any 5 door should look, vs a “wagon-like” CUV).

  2. I REALLY hope this is the new Elantra hatchback! This car, which is based of the Kia c’eed, is gorgeous and just what Hyundai needs here in the US to change perceptions. Btw, are there any pictures of the front? Bring this over with a 2.4 L and I’ll buy it.

  3. Like anonymous above, this should absolutely be the Elantra hatchback/wagon. I really like the new Elantra, but I’m far too sensible to purchase a sedan when there are so many good hatchbacks available.

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