Hyundai Interested in Chrysler????

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That’s a weird rumor. Or is it????

This would be good for Hyundai for sure, if they can afford it.
They would get a huge dealer network in the US, plus plenty of factories.

If Daimler really wants to get rid of Chrysler, who will get it????
Anybody cares to guess….

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  1. Wow, this would be a huge development for Hyundai. And it would be great for Chrysler which could use Hyundai’s leadership in Quality and Design.

  2. Wow! That is weird! Granted I don’t know how these things work, but I can’t imagine a company with no legacy costs buying a company with rather large legacy costs. But yeah they would end up with a huge dealer network. I’ll believe it when I see it though.

  3. I would rather see Hyundai buy Chrysler than have it go to some automaker from China. GM doesn’t need Chrysler.

  4. Hollywood Extra Motors Inc.


    Think about it Vince… Its you destiny. How would you pay off the UAW though.

  5. Well, No. I don’t thik this is more than a “story”. Why? Well, Hyundai, too, has a “wonderful” Union, one which seems to go on strike every few months, causing great grief(and money loss, see 06 results for Hyundai…)and irritation, and low supplies, due to striking every other month.
    I think worldwide, Kia lost too, due to issues with Unions(IIRC).
    Kia did do well in USA, and so did Hyundai, but theycould have done beeter if not for the strike( I guess greed-KAW-UAW-etc, knows no certain nationality?).

    Kia and Hyundai need to forget adding more unions, lol. Why do you think Hyundai is in Alabama, and Kia is building a factory in GA?(no Unions, and tax breaks, etc).

    Chrysler should be put on E-bay! LOL.
    Only product I like of theirs is the PT Cruiser, and it is in need of the more modern, GEMA engines, at the very least( it sells over 100,000 units per year, with ease).

    The Sebring, 0-60 in 10.2 seconds with a 173HP I-4? Are you kidding( se Edmunds tests). Looks like a wreck that already happened.
    It handles ok, not too bad(festival of plastics on the interior is a bit over done).

    Anyhow….. they had Great concepts such as the Airflight design, Jeepster, PT Coupe… and they let them rot(only to be seen as concepts at autoshows, which is a shame, because form the Crowds and people who talk about them, wehn I saw the concepts, WANTED TO BUY THESE, Not this Sebring, or non-sense, fleet-rental Caliber trash).
    Idiots deserve to go out of business.
    That’s being truthful. They had bailout after buyout, etc, had many lifelines, and they WASTED all of the chances given to them.

    If 2 companies( who work together and one “owns’ the other) like Hyundai and Kia can pull themselves out of doom and gloom in the 90’s….why can’t Chrysler( and remember, Kia and Hyundai have UNIONS TROUBLES TOO).
    Hyundai needs Chrysler like
    GM needs Ford!

  6. “HollywoodExtra Motors Inc.”
    Sounds good doesn’t it…

    “There is nothing a good design can’t fix” (or words to that effect)
    That’s what Carlos Gohsn from Nissan /Renault said when he took over the Japanese manufacturer.
    Words of wisdom!

    Chrysler quality is OK. The 300 seels because it looks like something people want.
    If all their cars were like that they wouldn’t be in trouble.
    Look at GM. they understand it.

  7. “There is nothing a good design can’t fix” (or words to that effect)
    That’s what Carlos Gohsn from Nissan /Renault said when he took over the Japanese manufacturer.
    Words of wisdom!

    Chrysler quality is OK. The 300 seels because it looks like something people want.
    If all their cars were like that they wouldn’t be in trouble.
    Look at GM. they understand it.

    Precisely. At the LX intro it looked like they really had “it”, only for us to see one after another after another of oddly styled and CHEAPLY assembled, and sometimes unrefined, things. Each one seems to only get worse than the last, and it’s just the one success was just too good, only to be followed by nothing but a downward spiral.

    If they could have just kept the same level of focus on design, and also gotten the bean counters in line enough to do interiors on an increasingly better level each time (al-la GM), things would not be where they are right now.

  8. They way the story has been unfolding at Chrysler, it seems that they were working more towards demise than success. I mean no one could lead me to believe otherwise when a company that was bringing out exciting concept after exciting concept in the late 90’s can’t make better looking cars than the design nonsense of the Caliber, Sebring, Magnum (especially the refresh), Durango, upcoming mini vans, etc. The problem with Chrysler when they were taken by Daimler-Benz wasn’t design, it was poor quality and very cheap interiors. Fast forward 10 years and they now have crappy design, crappy quality and crappy interiors.

    My dad bought an Eagle Vision Tsi back in 93 because I had pressured him to do so. The car was stunning in its time and you wouldn’t believe how many heads it got turning, especially with its remote trunk release (I know it souds stupid nowadays, but hey!). I remember my mom being approached by a lady driving a Volvo 850 that had offered her her car + 10 000$ on the spot in exchange of that Eagle. We loved that car, it had plenty of power, handled great for a FWD & had abundant interior gadgets, but the quality issues were apparent everywhere, although they were mainly aesthetic at first. I had once written a 3 page document of repairs that needed to be done during the scheduled maintenance. They were mainly about uneven gaps, uneven gaps and uneven gaps. That said, we still have that car today. My dad won’t get rid of it!

    In 2000, I rented a Chryler 2000, and curiously enough, the quality issues were still apparent. Suffise it to say that I was disappointed, but somehow kept believing that the merger with Daimler-Benz would soon rectify the situation. Sadly enough, when I took a look at the 2005 Chrysler 300 while shooping for a new car last year, my hopes were yet again shattered. I simply could not understand how Hyundai can make leaps in interior quality while that damn Chrysler brand was still behind the Europeans & Japanese. What does this say about Daimler-Benz?

    What it means to me is that Daimler-Chrysler deserves the looses and bad image that they have brought upon themselves and I think that Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep could disappear from the map and most people wouldn’t even notice. Unless Vince does something extraordinary, that is 😉

    Just my 0,02$, or maybe 2$!
    (Sorry for the long post)

  9. never ever ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this will enver happen
    our president will never let the coerrean dictator he hates so much own an american company
    stop spreading crazy antiamerican rumosr

  10. i could be wrong, but i think hyundai has enough money to buy daimler-chrysler

    remember, hyundai is a big conglomeration of companies – not just auto company, they make everything from microprocessor to industrial machines, ships, etc

  11. How much does a company like Chrysler cost I wonder. I bet the plants and equipment separate are worth more than the whole company is worth. I doubt anybody would have the balls to sell off Chrysler in pieces. That would make for some real bad publicity.

  12. 13billion is where the bid starts.
    Douchebag jones you are a funny one! Hyundai is a SOUTH korean company…nothing to do with a crazy NORTH korean dictator.

    Way to let your nescience shine thru

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