It’s official:2008 Ford Taurus

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Here is the PR BS explaining why:

“Consumer awareness of the Taurus name is double the Five Hundred that it’s replacing.”

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  1. WOW, does the car look much much cheaper now that they changed the name? i always thought the ford 500 was a nicely designed UPSCALE car.

  2. Just call it the Edsel. Plenty of “consumer awareness” in that name, too.

    Who knew it’d be so much fun to watch a car company shoot itself?

  3. ford ford ford! what the hell are you doing?? this and the ‘taurus-x’ have to be the worst ideas of the century.

  4. You know what? GM is on fire while Ford is failing miserably. This PR move however, is the tip of the iceberg. Might as well call the Focus a Pinto.

  5. The average American car consumer is a real ninny. What makes her/him think that a Golf called a “wabbit” is any better than the piece of junk it replaces?
    And now the “Taurus”??
    What a joke!

  6. Consumers are Aware of the Taurus name alright! That is why they stay away from it in groves and most Taurus’ end up as fleet cars! Maybe Ford will drop the SUCOF/FOCUS nameplate for 2008 too for the more commonly known Escort nomenclature!

  7. The good news is you will be able to buy one used real cheap next year. $10K for this thing is well worth it.

  8. Taurus? Or is it Tourist? With the amount of rental cars Ford has put out there in recent years with the name Taurus, it might as well be Tourist. I honestly thought someone was playing a cruel joke when they said the Taurus name was coming back… I really think it is sad to ruin a name and then bring it back on a car that was “refreshened” much less a brand new model.

  9. the taurus is a good name from a good design car. dont put a good name from a better car on this BIG FORD TEMPO.

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