Kia EX-Ceed Concept

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Just a convertible version of Kia’s new hatchback for the European market.
A soft top version of an already nice looking car= another nice looking car.

No surprises here…

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  1. Kia is supposedly Not thinking ofbringing any C’eed cars over, which is very unfortuante( and stupid, IMHO).
    I’d take the 3 door.
    Guess they hope their current crop , in USA, sells well. Guess they do not read thenews, that Chevy is importing European Astra’s over here, either?
    Fools, if they never bring any version here!
    Just slap on a “Spectra” badge on it( call it a Mid-Cycle refresh? Look how they did the Optima, 2006 and 2006.5 Versions).

  2. i sometimes dont understand car companies. ford, gm and now KIA. they all have great looking cars for oversea markets but dont bring them to the us???? Is it just me or does anyone else think a car like this would bring in lots and lots of revenue for KIA in the us. If it is reliable, it will sell well. I just dont get it. the us has one of the largest if not the largest market in the world. i think an idiot could run a car company better than some of the idiots running them now.

  3. I agree w/3:03 pm poster above.
    No sense at all.
    The cars they have @ Kia now are reliable, but the only one or two that are avg, or above( or I would Maybe even consider buying) are the Amanti(new model with smaller grille, updated looks, 263HP V6, IIRC)or an Optima .

  4. Read on awhile back that automakers are checking out auto sites for consumer comments.
    If that is so, let’s hope Kia checks this site out, and reads these comments.
    I have seen some pix last year on the net of the “Pro-C’eed”( the 3 door “sporty” version of the 5 door C’eed).
    All versions look good. Why must we suffer!?
    Kia, If you’re reading this…. Bring us the C’eeds!

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