Mark Fields and Taurus

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That hair is suspicious…

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  1. this guy is the laziest car designer ever….he really didn’t do much…it still looks stodgy, boring, and lame…..and it’s got an even lamer name now….the G8 can’t come soon enough..

    GM knows how to play the game….Ford is about to be benched.

  2. Was there something insightful from this umpteenth Taurus post or is it seriously a comment about his hair?

    I think that the 500 was doomed for failure and that it was wise to leverage the Taurus name. The Taurus was a respectable car, although neglected by Ford in its later years.

  3. Mark Fields: The Death of a Salesman

    He thinks a shoe shine and a smile is going to sell this turd?

    Give the clown a buy-out package ASAP!

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