Mazerati Grand Turismo coupe

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Pininfarina design and a 4.2 Liter V8 with 405hp.
A convertible model will follow and a larger 4.7 Liter version of the V8 with 450hp might be offered then.

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  1. Not as good as I hoped it to be. The sketches from yesterday looked much better. The headlights, backlights and radiator look brilliant, but the rest is just so-so. The glasshouse looks almost weird, as does the relatively long rear end. The dashboard seems to be beautiful, like a mixture between the ones from Mercedes SL and S-class.

  2. Wow, those back seats do look rather tolerable for even a reasonably sized adult.

    Visually it’s a big improvment over Maserati’s last coupe – let’s hope it’s a better card. The last one handled rather poorly.

  3. One of the nicest looking cars I’ve ever seen. And a back seat that looks like it’s useable! Nice.

  4. Visually it’s a big improvment over Maserati’s last coupe

    Tell me about it. This is MUCH better than before.

  5. I like Italian cars, but this is definitely one of the cheapest designs i have ever seen. People are just liking this one based on the brand.

  6. I think the design is too fussy. Compared to the aston, 911, audi r8 and others which it will compete with. its just too much a mismatch of various design cues

  7. A beautiful thing, staying italian and trying to be american at once. The luxuesque front lights,cup holders and torque converter auto are far from being italian. Money, money, money…

  8. 9:25am here. It has been suggested that people like the looks of this car because of the brand name. I can’t speak for other people but as far as I’m concerned, this car could be made by Yugo and I would STILL think that this was a gorgeous car! Brand names don’t impress me. Efficiency, performance, comfort, practicality and yes good looks do.

  9. Saw one today on the road. It’s attractive… like a Corvette and a Mitsubishi Eclipse had a baby.

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