Mitsubishi i in Europe!

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Well… Only in England.

Where they drive on the same side of the road as in Japan. So Mitsubishi doesn’t have to change the car that much.
The “small but roomy” i has been on sale in Japan for over a year and was based on the same platform as the now dead Smart 4 door.
This would have a better chance in the US than the ‘too small” Smart fortwo. I think…
It does look different and futuristic, but it also seats 4.
And isn’t as freakishly small as the Smart.

How about it Mitsubishi?
How about an all electric version for us?

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  1. these pictures are fake
    the car doenst’t exist

    It’s actually existed for a few years now. It exists much more than you do.

  2. Jones, go to the Mitsubishi website and take a look.
    I do think this is much more economical and attractive than the Smart. The Smart needs to gain a few inches to make more US folks more comfortable
    as far as safety measures.

  3. Yes douchebag, it’s 100% fake, thats an absolute certainty, as are the blue Subaru Legacy and white Vauxhall Astra behind it, and the big Volvo bus beside it!

    Get real you muppet, the rest of the world doesn’t have enough room for American cars. Certainly not small islands like Britain or Japan, tiny land masses with 60 million and 126 million people respectively crammed onto them.

  4. It’s wrong that the “i” is based on the same platform as the smart forfour. The Mitsubishi i is rear-engined, while the smart forfour was front-engined (like the Mitsubishi Colt).

  5. I usually don’t like goofy cars like this, and I detest the Scion Xb. But this car is very cool and very nicely designed.

  6. Drop a 60 hp Turbo Diesel hybrid powertrain in that thing, and I bet it’d push 80 mpg… It’d make a great big-city commuter, as long as they can keep the price under $15K… I say bring it on!

    Also, this would sell much better than the Smart. two passanger cars in the US have a tiny share of the market, and anything smaller than a Miata or a Mini feels a bit naked on the highway… Although this is still a very small car (the Legacy behind it looks the size of a Crown Vic or something).

  7. douchebag, this is product of the minds of the other people. it is a lawnmower that somebody disguise with car roof. just monkeys you will see in a dealer buying that micro car.

  8. This car is a much smarter choice than any car that some of you would buy. [Cough][Cough][Hummer][Cough]

    What if M-B bought Mitsubishi and sold a variation of this as the Smart Forfour? Their Lancer X would also make a good M-B if they luxury-ed it up a bit.

    Nah, they can do well enough without Mitsu.

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