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A super roomy car gets even roomier.
The xB felt very solid and this one should even be better.
And with the Camry engine, you won’t need to floor it after avery turn…

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  1. That dashboard looks like a Datsun or Toyota dash from the mid-70s. That’s not a good thing.

    And why the drab-only interior color?

  2. At least those enormous blind spot c-pillars have a purpose. Little storage bins with nets for their tiny cargo.

  3. i can’t say i love the front (i just wanted a sleeker, flatter bumper), but the back looks better. i’m just worried about the thick-as-heck d-pillar creating a massive blindspot. is it me or do these pics make this thing look pretty big? in the second shot it looks like it could be a small/midsize SUV.

    i really like the interior and i usually despite center-mounted gauges (current xB, ION, mini cooper). but toyota really crafted something cool and functional. it’s asymmetric and symmetric at the same time.

    how much bigger is this thing supposed to be over the current xB again??

  4. Either the gear shift is really big, or the rest of the dash is kind of small… Not bad, the old one looked like a UPS truck that shrank in the wash, but I hear they have a ton of room inside. Wonder what the fuel economy will be…

  5. Dude,..


    THAT’S FUGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who is designing this sh_t?

  6. Liked this vehicle, a lot(from the exterior shots yesterday).

    Looked at today’s xD shots, interior, and saw, GASP… the Pod(information center, ie, speedo,tach, etc) behind the steering wheel(like 99% of vehicles sold in the USA have!). I had high hopes for the xB, too, to have the same “behind the steering wheel” placement of the pod.
    Did not happen.That’s unfortunate, especially since I was Seriously considering one in about 2 years, when my current vehicle is paid off 🙁
    Why should I have to “get used to” the pod being in the center of the dash(the salesman told me “get used to it”, as in referring to the pod being in the center of the dash of the current xB).

    Well, now that 2 out of 3 scions have the pod behind the steering wheel( a normal spot), here’s hoping that one day, the next generation of xB will do the same.
    I know it sounds nit picky. Oh well.

    I guess I can keep my fingers crossed, and Hope that Chrysler will do a better version of the PT Cruiser(rumors have it reworked/new for 09 or in 09).

  7. Neither the xB or the xD get any better looking the more photos are posted. And the ugly boom-box inspired interiors of both scream “80s ghetto-blaster”.

  8. Interesting dash layout, particularly in respect to the gauges.
    a) sunroof
    b) alloy wheels
    c) AWD
    d) Paddle shifting gear changers
    e) non mickey mouse sounding horn
    f) 2 door alternative

  9. I expect some of the car’s details to change as time goes on-the only difference between this and the Toyota Vince put on here in December is slightly different headlamps and left-hand drive. I think they forgot about the lone reverse light on the left side of the rear bumper!
    Fascias and interior details will probably be tweaked…

  10. Anonymous said…
    Interesting dash layout, particularly in respect to the gauges.
    a) sunroof
    b) alloy wheels
    c) AWD
    d) Paddle shifting gear changers
    e) non mickey mouse sounding horn
    f) 2 door alternative

    12:13 PM
    I agree about a Sunroof (option), and alloy wheels(std), and 2 doors would make it different(why not go for a gremlin car look, vs a “CuV”?)
    Could care less about paddle shifter(yes, I know… it’s cool, faster. I can only do 55 in my neighborhood, so the auto-manual shifter is cool).
    Better horn, yeah,how much more would that cost,lol?
    Another thing, since we are going for broke here…height/8 way adjustable seats!
    And my biggest gripe> the HORRIBLE mis-placement of the information gauges.
    They finallygot a decent engine, and size to this thing…. but they aren’t quite there, yet.

    PT,HHR offer sunroofs. Offer height adjustable/6/8 ways seats,and some with power and leather, too. yes, I know, it’s “Scion”, Toyota should drop this deal about keeping it as for kids only, since a lot of older people buy them, go “crazy”, and do what people want, sell them for the price eneded to be profitable, and sell as many as they can!

    I like the HHR’s looks(that’s about it)…. although truck like, it is COOL(old school looks).PT still sells 125,000 per year, on avg, for what, 6 years now?
    It looks car like, and is nicer,IMHO(slower, though) than the xB will be.

    Toyota needs to quit” quirky”(as in Japanese quirky), and look at PT and HHR, and add some featuers as options, at least, and LOOK at their dash layouts.
    People was “normal” gauge clusters, most do, that I know of, even “kids”(25 and younger).
    Great idea, short on giving the buyer 100% what they want.

  11. Engineers increased the wheelbase by four inches, the overall length by a foot, the overall width by almost three inches and decreased overall height more than an inch to give the xB a more comfortable ride. the weight on this car has not been released yet. also need a better horn ? do what i do, go to your local junkyard find the caddilac area pay them 5 bucks for a dual decibel caddy horn and take 5 minutes and swap them out, its very easy to do, 2 screws one wire !

  12. Anyone saying the big C pillars are going to be a problem has obviously never driven a car.

    You’d have to turn you’re head 140 degrees before you’d even see them, when are you going to do that exactly? Any car far enough back to be along the line of sight from the driver position to those pillars is going to be visible in the wing mirror.

    The VW Golf has huge C pillars too and I’ve never had a visibilty problem in one. If you’re turning your neck that far around then your mirrors aren’t adjusted propery.

  13. The added foot in length is all in the front of the xB to fit the 2.4 engine. Cargo area did not increase from old xB. That and the goofy rear wheel well/bumper design plus $2K more money… Nahhhh.

  14. Just read the previous posts.
    The xB and xD are actually 2 different cars.
    xB=2.4 Liter (Camry engine)
    xD=1.8 Liter

  15. Actually the 1.8 liter in the xD is all new. It is a dual vvti engine with more low/mid torque. It is the 2RZ-FE engine and the Corolla still uses the older 1ZR-FE engine. The next Corolla will probably use the 2ZR.

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