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It might be a bit boring looking. But at least it’s got a big sunroof…

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    the design is ok, i expected something WAY more agressive for this segment. It looks more like what i’d expect the A7 to be.

    I don’t know if it stands out enough for this segment.

    it looks too wavy. it’ll get old fast..

  2. not much of WOW factor… sorta like a camry. not ugly but not awesome, something cars in this class should be.

  3. Boring just in the front end. and the car scream for a back spoiler and better color like a red. silver looks futuristic but boring at the same time.the company needs more color variation.

  4. Vince, I agree the car is not the most beautiful in the world but certainly handsome and considerably more curves are present than on most audi designs. I’d call them conservative curves.

  5. Vince, can you do a side by side of this car ansd the Altima coupe. I think we can safely say the Altima coupe will be at least thousands, if not, tens of thousands less….and much better looking!

  6. I think this is a very smart looking car. However, the c-pillar kink in the roofline and the un-audi-like wheel design are the weakest links. The design overall is very athletic. It would make an amazing convertible. Is there any truth to the rumors that this car will be the basis for the S4 cabrio replacement? I could see this doing very well as a drop-top. But, with a few notable exceptions, fixed-top coupes just aren’t in vogue right now.

  7. The Altima coupe is hardly better looking than the A5 (hell, the new Altima coupe and sedan look worse than the last Altima), but it will cost thousands less. Why? Because Nissan would have nerve to ask more for a car with such low grade interior parts.

  8. This is probably the most beautiful coupe ever made i think you might be retarted if you think it looks bland, looks better than the new 3-series coupe and the G35…now the G is a true definition of bland!

  9. Thank You for mentioning that…. Yes and thank God that it will still be an Altima…..which means it won’t have sudden acceleration issues, electrical issues, brake problems, rattle problems and …oh ya! transmission shifting problems. Being an Altima, it will be reliable, powerful, handle great, look even better and have a much fewer incidents of repair….oh ya, and it will be affordable to maintain. If you haven’t driven the new Altima, you had better. It comes from the infiniti family of ideas, which decimated even the existence of an audi in the luxury sport sedan segment!

  10. As far as low grade parts, I honestly say that your brain certainly must be using just that.. If you have been alive over the past 2 years, you would know that Nissan/infiniti are the interior leaders…hell, a versa has better fit and finish than anything german made and that’s our entry level….please, come to the party with new info. not something you overheard 7 years ago!

  11. I love it, problem is, at least with my expensive A8, a gorgeous car also, is that it is ridden, I men ridden with troubles!!!!!!!

  12. No Nissan can touch an Audi in terms of design. Especially the awful Altima coupe, which hasn’t been released and already looks tired. Let’s get real people.

  13. The C-Pillar looks just like that of the Nissan GT-R.

    I love it how people criticized the Nissan GT-R for the C-Pillar design and now so many cars have the same angle.

  14. Mr. Nissan Spyking,

    Are you seriously suggesting that the Altima is a quality product? That’s quite a difficult statement to back-up. Audis aren’t the most problem-free cars on earth. But Audi/VW interiors are universally regarded as the leaders in every class. While they’re good cars for what they are, Nissan interiors are regarded to be amongst the worst. That’s just the reality of things, in spite of what you think.

  15. With a name like “Nissan Spyking”, it’s not too surprising his addled mind would believe Nissans are Gods gift to the automotive world. I’m not sure where he’s been the last few years, but the quality of Nissans has dropped. Aside from rather shoddy materials, Nissan and Infinitis having been recalled for faulty and defective engine cooling, excessive oil consumption, piston rings, rear suspension, power seats, gas tank assembly, seat belts, fuel leaks, cracked hoses, fire risks, headlights and brake lights. Some family of ideas, unless the family’s name is “Bad”.

    BTW, unintended acceleration is the drivers fault, not the cars.

  16. Nissans are a gift to the automotive world…the last company you want to back is anything german….really, they rate very low on all satisfaction surveys and they are ridden with issues never…I mean never seen at Nissan. What, you ask?….Instant and sudden acceleration that KILLED people that’s what! Please, get off your audi loving and ever widening arses and go look at todays Nissan/ Infiniti. you will be shocked and silenced for good. I love and support nissan proudly, you go by anonymous.

  17. Nissan Spyking,

    If you have to reference back a quarter century to an early 80s Audi 5000 to find one example of a (disproven)safety flaw with Audis, then you fail to validate your point completely. I’m not saying that VW/Audis are the most reliable vehicles, although they are ranked at the top in Europe. It’s clear to most people that they are a heckuva lot more stylish, refined and vault-like than any Nissan on sale today.

    It’s no secret to anyone but you that Nissan interiors and quality are horrendous, especially Nissan trucks. Blame it on the Ghosn reign. The latest Altima has made good strides towards improving tactile quality and overall refinement. But it’s still not in the same league as Audi or even GMs latest.

  18. Nissan Spyking goes by a made up name and than criticizes people for identifying themselves as “anonymous”. Makes sense. I have looked at today’s Nissan and Infiniti, and I was shocked, but not in a good way. If, after all their problems, Nissan and Infiniti are “a gift to the automotive world” than I hope you saved the receipt. I’m also glad Nissan Spyking brought up sudden acceleration, because Audi wasn’t the only car linked to this 60 minutes fabrication. In later years other makes – including Nissan – were added to the list. But if he believes 60 minutes, he’ll believe anything.

  19. Nissan Spyking goes by a made up name and than criticizes people for identifying themselves as “anonymous”. Makes sense. I have looked at today’s Nissan and Infiniti, and I was shocked, but not in a good way. If, after all their problems, Nissan and Infiniti are “a gift to the automotive world” than I hope you saved the receipt. I’m also glad Nissan Spyking brought up sudden acceleration, because Audi wasn’t the only car linked to this 60 minutes fabrication. In later years other makes – including Nissan – were added to the list. But if he believes 60 minutes, he’ll believe anything.

  20. I have a few friends with nissans and they are always at the shop for continuous problems and i can’t believe anyone would be stupid enought to pay that amount of money for an interior that cheap with low-grade plastics cheaper than hyundai…I think japanese cars are all bland and borring and should not exist…VW/AUDI are gifts from god not nissan or toyota or honda those are everyday appliances for normal borring people who work from 9-5 and pay the price

  21. I appreciate the anonymous people who are responding to my comments and making little sense, as a matter of fact, it’s jibberish at best. The audi 5000 glued it’s taillights on…yes glued. Doesn’t sound state of the art to me. Very shoddy, just like ALL Audis. I thing that if they stop dictating “vat you vill buy”, then they may build something of some cosequence. Don’t be upset by facts my fellow automotive fans. Nissan is better than audi, it’s that simple.

  22. the word you use “boring” has one “R”, I didn’t read the rest of your comment from there on.

  23. And we appreciate the equally anonymous “Nissan Spyking” and his inane, pro-Nissan babblings. The Infiniti G35 had boombox silver plastic interior trim you could scratch with your fingernail … yes, your fingernail. Very shoddy, but that’s par for the course with Nissan products. But he’ll never accept this, just as he won’t accept Nissan/Infiniti’s recent recall history. He’ll simply continue to “buy what they want.”

  24. “The audi 5000 glued it’s taillights on…yes glued.”


    Wow, you’re really going back, way back to 1984 to dredge up something that has no relevance. And it’s even further irrelevant because it’s not true. VW/Audi use good quality Hella brand exterior lighting. Pieces might be glued together, which is common with every brand. But they are certainly not glued on to the car.

  25. My dear audi lovers, I just finished reading the march ’07 motor trend. on pg. 156 they talk about a fleet update on an audi a3. it says ..quote ” to correct an a/c failure cost 10 days in the shop. 15 days later, we took it to another dealer for a 21 day visit and brought it back 1 week later for another 10 day stay.” Wow 41 days to repair a/c…..sounds the usual audi to me! Don’t challenge the king.

  26. I think the king is right this time, I am a VW fan and drive a new rabbit. Overall I love it and am proud of it. Although, suprisingly, I have had an unusual amount of small issues. My power windows have been in-op 2x and I have and hesitation that only happens ocassionally under sudden (hard) acceleration. I just did some research and googled “audi Q7 problems”. The reason, it is audis newest and best. I was not impressed with what came up. Sorry fellow german car fans, this king guy may be right, I hate to say it but

  27. I have a couple of friends who drive recent model VWs. (2004/5) and they have similar problems. All the time!

    The dealer told them the acceleration problem was due to the “drive by wire system”.
    And that it is normal. Nothing they can do.
    One of them also needed a transmission after 4 months.

    I thought the new Rabbit was going to be better (new frame, new engine), but I guess not….

  28. “My dear audi lovers, I just finished reading “

    Wow, Nissan Spyking can actually read! Or is he making that up, too.

  29. I’ve owned several Audis (my first was a 5000, my most recent is an ’05 A6). I’ve never had any problems (no “sudden acceleration” either) with any of my Audis, save for a faulty sunroof on my previous A6. On the other hand, I have friends who drive other luxury cars who’ve had more problems, including a coworker who drives an Infiniti M45. The car’s been in the shop so often he’s sworn off Infinitis and is now looking at Lexus. Vehicle quality is as much a crapshoot as anything else. But NS is entitled to his opinion, whatever it’s worth.

  30. Seems next time NS reads, he should comprehend more and move his lips less. In the Motor Trend article he cites, MT states the 41 days was due not to nagging quality issues, but supplier issues. MT concludes by saying the Audi A3 is still a very popular car amongst the staff. Road & Track also did a long-term test on an Audi A3, and thiers was problem-free, and also a staff favorite. Car & Driver’s long-term test of an Audi A6 was similarly trouble-freee, and CD stated the A6 still felt brand new after almost 40,000 miles. Alas, all was not as good with NS faves. A Motor Trend long-term Nissan Xterra was in the shop twice for a defective tire pressure monitoring system. And Automobile’s long-term Infiniti M45 was plagued by a balky adaptive cruise control. Oooh, snap!

  31. It’s amazing how nasty these supposedly refined audi owners get when youi back them into a corner with 3’rd party facts, I love it. Their true colours come out as the cars do, classless! Name calling, how droll!

  32. “What color is the sky in your world?’

    NS won’t know until he comes out from under the rock he lives under.

  33. Nissan Spyking,

    I’ll bet the majority of posters you think are audi owners don’t own audis. They just know a whole lot more about cars than you do.

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