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Basically, a Mitsubishi with a Citroen front end and more chrome.
A weird beast.
Although not as odd looking as the one with a Peugeot front end for some reason…

The worst part to me is the interior.
It’s OK for a Mitsubishi. But it really does not belong in a Citroen.

I hope it turns out to be a flop. Peugeot and Citroen need to spend a bit more money and get their own design.

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  1. you know….at first I was worried this might canablize sales for the Outlander (the mitsubishi variant). But after seeing the peugeot and citroen versions, I don’t think Mitsubishi will have to worry about losing sales.

    I thought the french were known for their beauty and flair?

  2. When Peugeot and Citroen first announced that they were going produce and SUV based on the outlander, thought they would simply use the platform and maybe some structural bits as well, but this is just a blatant rebadge of an otherwise great SUV.

  3. I definitely hate the idea of rebadging, especially rebadging a Japanese car as European. But this doesn’t look too bad. 99% of people won’t notice, buyers will only realize they have far fewer problems than with and actual Citroen.

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