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I ‘m not sure what to say.

Seems like most of you hate this car.
But I still like it. And I haven’t had a drink today yet.
Maybe it’s because I like anything with 2 seats and a soft top. Or something.

I don’t know…

Maybe I did have a drink earlier… I can’t remember…

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  1. Vince, do a photoshop in either red, white or black and I will reevaluate my earlier opinion.
    I don’t think it is ugly at all and glad to see America
    trying to recapture its convertible heritage.
    I do see a little Z4 as far as the seats, dash and roll bar, but still nice.

  2. The design isn’t perfect, but the theme is right. It looks like an original, fun to drive car, and for that it will probably sell.

  3. I like the just the paint is stupid. This “concept” is clearly production ready. It has cup holders, wipers, seat belts, airbags CD… all the little details they leave out on concepts.

  4. All you guys that were trashing this car are probably the sames ones that were drooling over the Malibu. This is a nice design and cool looking car not like the borefest that the Malibu is.

  5. Most people hate this car because it’s not made by Toyota, Honda or Nissan. Just note how they drool over the cars, even if it’s just an unsubstantiated, blurry spy photo (and that includes the ugly ones, which seems to be more frequent) these companies build.

  6. This car is a hodgpodge, mismatch of various designs all squeezed uncomfortably together.

    There are pieces on this car that just don’t fit: from the front end, the rear decklip pieces, the interior dash looks like it was pulled out of a last gen Neon.

    The rest of it is other wise dis-propotionally out of shape and looks hideously bulbous.

    Anyone looking at this atrocity with affection is definitely a subverted sadist in the making.

    GM’s Sky and Solstice need not worry because this clump of metal isn’t going to steal any sales from them.

    Other than that it is Uglee as sin.


  7. Maybe a smaller grill and erasing that useless side vent ahead of the rear tires would do the job.

  8. I beg to differ Joe, I would say the Miata might not have anything to worry about, but the Solstice/Pos/Sky might. The only thing the the Solsky has is looks and thats where it ends. Anyone who drives the Miata and the Solsky will never look at the GM crap again.

  9. Change the truck grill and you have a cute convertible. it looks like a…. snapper in the front.

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