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Some of the cars from the “Transformers” movie.
A friend of mine has been working for a long tim on this.
I was never into transformers, but I must say, the trailer looks pretty good. It even has an older Spielberg movie feel to it.
Even though he’s only producing.

And the Camaro…….

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  1. that’s what we do best
    great movies and great cars
    noone can make movies liekgood old hollywood and noone can make caras like us!

  2. Michael Bay made “Pearl Harbor” right? Thanks, but I think I’ll pass on the “Transformers” movie.

  3. I know what you mean…
    But sometimes, just some of the time. Even a highly intellectual being like myself feels like watching just a fun ride.
    One with almost no story and text book acting.
    Like …”The Island”.

    This one might be just that kind of old fashion stupid fun…
    With the new Camaro in it…

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