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  1. I loved Minority Report. Such an underrated movie.

    I saw that Lexus at the LA Auto Show years ago….even now it’s wicked….

  2. iRobot’s Audi is so uninspiring while Minority Report’s Lexus still looks hot even though it was designed earlier than Audi

  3. The batmobile looks like a spiders face, stingray and a crab at the same time,with the black kiwi shoe paint cover. the freds car, it have air conditioner and airbags? and what about from 0 to 60? and what about the remote control car in the movie the dead pool? it could be faster?

  4. The Audi RSQ rocks. I mean come on, SPHERES for wheels? Brilliant.

    The colour-changing Lexus in Minority Report (forget exactly what Lexus called it) is cool, too. Awesome design.

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