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That is one good looking compact.
Just at the same time, we get the 2008 Focus.

I think in Europe this is pretty much the price of a Golf or Euro Focus.

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  1. Cute car. As for the 2008 focus which I personally saw at the NAIAS, it looks as bad in person as it does in pictures. Like I said before, hopefully that will accelerate the Euro Focus migration to our shores.

  2. Man that is one extremely good looking hatch, is there a 2 door version?

    Meh, guess we’ll never get it in the US anyway 🙁

    At least I have the Volvo C30 to look forward to, I’m just worried about the price.

  3. I’m lovin that interior, looks so upscale. And that pattern on the seats is original, good work Fiat. Sure we won’t get it here, but I’m looking forward to the Saturn (Opel) Astra because the GTI is just so ugly.

  4. Reaction to the Bravo in the UK automotive press has been largely positive, if not quite fawning praise. The interior has been singled out for some criticism for being not particularly spacious or well packaged, and being assembled from some rather questionable plastics on the lower portions of the dash and door trim.

    However, both Autocar and Auto Express think it represents a big step forward from its Stilo badged predecessor and a massive step in the right direction for Fiat’s presence in the Euro small hatch market.

    Unfortunately, they’ve also been quick to pick up on the fact of it being based largely on the Stilo’s underpinnings, and that does seem to limit its dynamic abilities in comparison to the more sophisticated Focus and Golf.

    Average opinion so far seems to be around *** out of *****.

  5. Wow that is one cheap interior. Looks terrible. The front end is a pretty weak design as well. The back end is nice though. -G

  6. these are obviously fake fiat doesn not even exist anymore.
    the last ones were sold in the us of a years ago

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