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  1. The more I see, the more I want to write Mr. Koichi Kondo to bring the CrossRoads to the US. Maybe the CEO and President of American Honda will listen!!

  2. I think it should be priced starting from $ 16,000 to $21,000 for a US spec model. I doubt it will have a navigation system or speed reduction sensor on the option list as well as the advanced communication modules on the steering wheel for U.S. customers, but will be modestly packaged for the money or otherwise effect CR-V sales.
    As far as production, I am guessing it will be imported from Japan, but knowing Honda they might find a local assembly site in the U.S. to keep up with demand…just a guess. What do you think Vince?

  3. Whatever, Douchebag Jones..
    Not all can afford what you drive.
    And please give the US flag the proper respect
    since your user name is an insult to the flag.
    I served in Vietnam…

  4. everyone can afford a good american car.
    you can get an hhr for the price of t this garbage.
    to use the american flag is the best way to respect it.
    i have the flag all over my house and i love it
    at least i am proud of my name and my flagand doent hide it behind anonymous

  5. Douchebag, why don’t you use your real name?
    Unless you are a real douchebag…..

    Tom J. Collins 15th Division, Purple Heart
    Human Resources
    Veteran Affairs

  6. this really may be a good Scion Xb competitor but i doubt it will be that cheap, Honda always are a little more expensive compared to Toyota, but the design is looking great and the features are not bad, in fact its much better than that HHR and PT Cruiser and more reliable too

  7. Jones, if I am to symbolize your drink, spit me out fast and listen to what 3:55 has to say.
    And jones, are you a tackle box face? The type with fish hooks inbreeded in your skin?

  8. Douchebag is afraid that this will be a huge hit. Partly explains why Honda may not wanna bring it here… will cannibalize sales from cr-v and element.

  9. The best thing about this platform besides the increased ground clearance over the current CR-V is the absence of a ‘C’ pillar and the cool way the back door window seems to blend right into the rear quarter window! Not only does it make the vehicle look longer but it also hides the presence of the rear doors. Hats off to Honda for a fresh and inventive design!

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