More pictures of the new Mondeo

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The title says it all doesn’t it?

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  1. I love it and if it comes w/AWD, Subaru might have to worry a little. Where is this car made, Vince?

  2. Gorgeous car.

    It’s so damned frustrating that Ford treats the US like a red-headed step-child. Who is it that refuses to give us the good stuff?

    And why?

  3. What’s with the latest trend of making the bottom of the hatch part of the bumper? It’s a really stupid idea.

    But I love this car!

  4. This should come to the US as a higher end sedan/wagon/hatch, and the Fusion can continue to be the entry level sedan. I don’t think that it would serve Ford well to market this as a Mercury. Mercury doesn’t have enough distribution channels. Ford will really have to move a lot of these to make them profitable.

  5. >Anonymous said…
    >i still sticking to my theory
    >that the new mazda 6 will
    >pretty much be this car

    Too badf Mazda will ruin the shape by putting a bunch of weird lips, spoilers and such on it making it look more like a Pontiac.

  6. For years we have had this same discussion. But I like that the number plate on the first picture does not have to be altered when the picture is flipped to show RHD.

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