More pictures of the Saturn Astra

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Looking good.
You can even see the double sunroof on the sedan.
(Not available on the coupe)

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  1. Real nice car. I think it’ll do real well. I gotta say though…I hate the way the little display screen looks on the top of the center stack on the interior of the car. Other than that though I like the car alot.

  2. This is the European Vauxhall/Opel Astra. Pretty good cars, but generally reckoned to be not quite as good as Focus Mk2 (which USA doesn’t have yet?) & VW Golf Mk5. Look out for the 2 litre turbo VXR- extremely quick but torque steers like mad. Pick of the range (that I hope GM have the balls to offer you) is the 1.9 turbodiesel with 150 horses. Goes like hell but with great economy too.

  3. The 1.9 Diesel engine is not planned for the US at all.
    Yes, I meant the 5 door.
    The sedan might still make it later.

  4. Are they going to have a true sedan? The kind with a trunk and not a lift gate?…However they come, I think they will sell.

  5. No, it has an aluminium alloy head and block, and uses a more sophisticated variant of the platform found under the Chevrolet Cobalt. There should also be a proper 4-door saloon/sedan version, probably based on the Brazilian market Chevrolet (might be badged Opel?)Vectra.

  6. the older Ecotec were iron block the Ecotec II (L850) are aluminum alloy. Wouldnt suprise me if GM uses the iron block engine to cut costs. Either way the cams are belt driven not chain. Good news is Ecotec was developed by Lotus.

  7. I like that! The 5-door is especially nice–classy looking and useful, too.
    If the car gets high marks from “Consumer Reports” and proves to be trouble-free, it’ll sell briskly.

    GM is finally getting it!

  8. I think this thing is going to be huge. The Ion it replaces starts at $15,000 Canadian. So we should see prices not too far from that. The Golf (Rabbit) is much more expensive.

    Personally, as long as my current car lasts long enough, I can see myself picking up a used one of these in 2 years. In fact, the entire current generation of Saturns is going to be a bargain in the used car market.

  9. Only thing I don’t like about the Grille is that the Saturn-logo is too “closed”. The Opel “Blitz” leaves a lot more Air in the grille and I personally think that makes a slight difference in how the whole front appears.

    Maybe they should have found a way to use the Saturn-logo without the “Red”.

    Look here for an example of what I mean.

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