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I drove the previous model a couple of time and always came out pretty impressed. Especially considering the price.
And now, with more power and an even more solid platform, these should be really nice.
What else is that much better for $13 000???

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  1. I want one! A normal dashboard layout and better looks than the xB. Clever, economical, practical, versatile, roomy, affordable, cute and Toyota reliability. Sign me up!

  2. The passenger side wiper blade is about 6 inches long… Anyone notice? The driver side wiper is frikken huge.

  3. I cna see the Suzuki SX4 easily losing out to this. I think it may even steal sales from Yaris and Fit owners-better looks, better space, and more cred.
    I like! (Though probably worse in colors other than red…)

    “The driver side wiper is frikken huge”

    HAha-yeah, you’re right-weird windshield dimensions, apparently… whatever they gotta do, though…

  4. the current ford focus is way better for $13K

    2.0 liter engine, reasonable torque, 4 wheel independent suspension, and a lot more comfortaable inside too.

  5. The price on the new xD might remain the same since this will have to compete with the likes of the Nissan Versa. A great disposable car… Drive it for 10 years/250K miles then throw it out with the trash. This would probably fit in the back of a garbage truck.

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