Mystery Van.

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Another one I’m not too sure of.
Not sure where the picture was taken either.
All I can tell you is that it wasn’t Arizona.

Could it be the next Toyota Sienna?
It would be too early for a new Odyssey. But the new Sienna is pretty much due next year.

What do you think?

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  1. Too small to be a Sienna.

    Perhaps a new crossover-van like the Mazda 5 by Toyota? That would be pretty cool.

  2. vince i don’t know what these are but, it might be the new fleet for the white house to ride around mr bush hosted some toyota priuses on the white house loan boasting about cars saving fuel. the big two are losing badly and with lots of help from us and others.

  3. If that’s the next Sienna, well all I gotta say is that the Odyssey will stay King of the Hill. Cuz that thing is ugly. Looks like an updated Alphard from the Asian markets.

  4. Maybe toyota will try to bring back their space-van and create some sort of diaper replacement for NASA.

  5. Without a doubt, the Toyota Alphard.

    Now if Volkswagen did something like it (but less uglifyingly scary) and called it the Minibus, it would sell like crazy.

  6. This is definitely the Asian Market Toyota Alphard…Nissan also has one that is very similar looking. one that i think they are testing here is the HYBRID model, cold weather testing??It would be great if they brought this stateside as this van is regarded as the vehicle for celebrities and politicians in Asia…I sat in one in Hong Kong and it is very luxurious and roomy…makes our minivans here look like sub standard.Keep up the great work Vince!

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