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The new Chinese owners (Nanjing) of the MG brand are giving us a look at some of their future models.

The top car seems to be a new version of the Roewe 750 (former Rover 75), or something even bigger.
The second picture might be their upcoming Focus/Golf fighter.
Either way, they’ve already announced their intentions to enter the US market. Even making cars over here.

Might be interesting. Using US quality steel would help a lot.

They have a whole visual history of the MG brand on their site, including these 2 upcoming models.
You can see more at:

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    1. I’m interested! very nice!
      Here’s hoping for a launch, in USA, NLT 2010!
      Maybe if these guys designed cars for Chrysler, Chrysler would not be in the trouble they are in right now!

    2. It does on my computer.
      But it is very slow to load.
      Maybe something to do with the Chinese server….

    3. A Bentley kockoff. Or a Zephyr knockoff. That’s just fantastic. The Chinese are maintaining the status quo as nothing more than cultural thieves.

    4. These types of pictures used to get submitted to hotrod magazines by 14 year old kids.
      I dont believe a new car would have proportions anything like this.

    5. are you kidding me
      the chinese are really thinking about making cars now

      t who would givee money to the commusnt chinese?
      this is sick.
      have you all lost your sense of history and pride
      there is no way these peolpe can make cars

    6. Mr Jones: Pride? Where? When Big 3 hire me,I’ll be able to buy one!
      Go to Wal-Mart, buy a tv, or shoes, or other items(clothing, for example) even at Sears( I bet) Look for something called China, as in “Made in”.
      Too late. If GM can have a Chinese engine in the Equinox, along with a Japanese tranny, and only 32% “NA” content…. and Chrysler(owned by German company) wants Chery to build a small car for them( IF they survive, that is)…Put down your drink, and do some internet searches…. learn something besides what country your beer comes from, sir.

    7. Anonymous said…
      A Bentley kockoff. Or a Zephyr knockoff. That’s just fantastic. The Chinese are maintaining the status quo as nothing more than cultural thieves.

      5:40 PM ———————————————-
      Well, since Daimler(or was it benz?)… invented the car, anything else from then on out(since 1886) could be considered a copy.
      Seriously, I was behind a 500, and It Had Honda Tail-Lights!
      The thing looks like a big Honda, of some sorts, except for the front end/grille.
      Talk about copying(the Japanese).
      My spouse said all the new Big 3 cars(well, most of them) look like Older Japanese designed cars, until you get right up near them on the road. She is correct.
      They look like Last Generation Japanese or German cars(LOOK… as in , ONLY LOOK LIKE ONE, maybe not as good, exception may be the new Opels, and a few others, that is).
      While Japanese(and others) are building Hybrid cars, Big 3 roll out promises every few years, of” wait until next year…”They use Japanese ideas….if not exact styling.
      I’ll take a 23K knockoff of a 50K car any day!

    8. I don’t really have any problem with people viewing these designs as “Bentley knock-offs”, cos thats really what Rover/MG’s design language has been since the BMW era. It’s no coincidence that the Rover 75 was considered to be something of a Rolls-Royce on a budget, while its MG derivative, the ZT, was always thought of as being a miniature Bentley in both looks and character.

      Before anyone starts knocking the Chinese, these designs are in fact preliminary design sketches from the MG Rover era of the intended replacements for the Rover 45/MG ZS and Rover 75/MG ZT. The only work the Chinese have carried out on these images is photoshopping the outsized MG badge in to cover up where the Rover badge was on the originals.

      Also, all development work on the next generation of NAC-MG cars is being carried out in the UK (not China) by an assortment of former MG Rover product engineers, in conjunction with Arup (a highly respected design consultancy) and Lotus.

    9. Anon 3:51,

      If you want to buy Chinese electronics that will only last three years, or clothing from Sears that will only last one season, that’s fine. Those are disposable items. Automobiles are durable goods and the chinese are not regarded as the masters of manufacturing these items. When Sony moved their production from Japan to China, the quality declined. When the textile industry moved from the US and Europe to China, the quality declined. Their knockoff industry is a worldwide digrace and an embarassment to the Chinese. If a 23K knockoff versus an authentic 50K car is your thing… well that’s your issue.

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