New Ford Mondeo

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New official pictures of the all new Euro Ford.

“They” have been claiming for a couple of weeks now, that this car is actually being considered for the US market.
I can’t really see it being squeezed between the Fusion and new Taurus.

It would make more sense as a more upscale Mercury.
(What do I know anyway…)

I like some metal bits inside, but, in this version at least, it is just too much.

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  1. The wagon is very stylish. They must have hired designers older than 12 years old. Might just be a trend now in the auto industry. Imagine a Bangle with an adult mentality. I digress.

  2. Very nice ! Looks much better than the Pontiac G8, side profile looks alot like an Audi A6. Ford could sell this here along side the Fusion and the Taurus. This would be a good seller here if they decide to bring it over, plus it comes in a station wagon too.

  3. As a Mercury this should be the new Sable! As for the wagon this is a great alternative to the TaurusX and the Edge! American showrooms needs a wagon!

  4. This is a beautiful car. I think that it might be a bit odd to have both the Mondeo and the Fusion in the same showroom. But Ford MUST find a place for this somehow. Ford doesn’t have anything to offer that will come anywhere close to competing with the upcoming G8. The Mondeo probably would be a contender.

  5. As a red-blooded American who is sad to see the domestic industry struggle so much, I scratch my head and ask why the **** doesn’t Ford bring this thing over? Make the next generation of this vehicle in North America, but in the meantime, it may help Ford recover its reputation.

  6. I don’t care what anyone says about Ford. This is a GREAT design. the interior actually FLOWS and the exterior is good, sure it’s not great. But overall, I would definitely consider this.
    The fusion and 500 (er, Taurus) is boring. This mondeo would work great as a Mercury.


  7. I previously slammed Ford when I was talking about the new Toyota Highlander and how I would expect a crappy design like that from Ford, not Toyota, and then you go and post this new Ford and now I must partially retract this statement to not include the design team for Ford Europe.

    Dang, that Mondeo is a damn fine looking car. Light years ahead of the not yet released New Ford Taurus, which looks to me like an old Crown Vic with the New Ford Edge Nose. To a Canadian like myself, it sure is funny that Ford and other automakers in the US maker nicer cars everywhere else but North America. Kinda makes you go hun?

  8. Good looking car. Reminds me a lot of Audi. I am sure they will not bring it here. Why break the tradition of boring designs like….the “new” Taurus?

  9. The 500 was Ford’s largest new car. So it should have been the new Crown Victoria.
    It does look more modern than the old Cronw Vic .
    The Fusion could have been the new Taurus. It is almost the same size.

  10. The 500, Taurus or whatever, won’t likely replace the Crown Vic. The chief purpose of the panther platform is for fleet, municipal, and livery purposes. These uses are better served with a body on frame design. FWD based unibody vehicles aren’t as suitable for heavy-use purposes because they are not as modular and more difficult/expensive to service when in collisions. For these large fleet sales, Ford simply needs to keep the CV and TC modern and appealing. Currently, they both conspicuously reflect their 70s roots. Mostly due to the chintzy interiors and outdated engines. Easy enough to remedy if FOMOCO will simply do it.

  11. who cares where it goes, I hope they are smart enough to realize the interest this has in the US. Although they continue to make huge mistakes, ie “new” focus 500 oh sorry taurus, etc etc
    This series of vehicles are all very striking, move on it already.

  12. As per usual, Vince has the right idea: Mercury!
    This vehicle would tempt foreign car owners, and may even help Ford get some conquest sales!
    I know that I would seriously consider the 5 door Mondeo!

  13. this is a nice looking car. what i do think is ford do not need to appeal to so called foreign car owners and make fresh cars with american design ques and it will be alright.

  14. Why did ford spend all that money making the fusion and the “new” taurus redesign when they’ve had this on the drawing board for years. How incompetent are these people? Do the US and euro divisions simply refuse to talk to one another? WTF?

    They sell the mondeo and fusion side by side in mexico at the same price.

  15. Yeah… Maybe Mercury should be the Import division like Saturn is for GM instead of just rebaged Fords.

  16. Hmmmm. If I had a choice betwen buying a 20K(on sale) Milan, or a 20K(perhaps 5 door) Mondeo…. which would I prefer…. Mondeo, of course. 5 doors are more useful than 4 with a trunk.
    This looks better. Probably more fun to drive, and built slightly better, also!
    My brother-in-law has a 99 taurus, 137K miles. he wanted a new taurus( but not this 500 turned taurus, or the fusion)….maybe a Mondeo would do?

  17. i’m still sticking to my theory of this being the new mazda 6. i mean check out the bulging fenders and sporty lines and the fact that there is a wagon and 4 door version shown already…

  18. Ford, GM, and Chrysler( let’s just say Big 3, to make things easier here), Need To Get Import Buyers Buying their products, you want to know why?read this: of All sales in January of 2007, WERE FOREIGN MAKES!There is an expectation that Imports will Outsell ” Big 3″ By March of 2007(meaning more than 50% of sales will be Foreign automakers, and Big 3 will have Under 50%). The January totals are already a record!They had also hope that the cars they do import do not cost an arm & leg!

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