New Hummer H2 interior

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I am really not a fan of the Hummer.
But I have to say, even on this bad picture, the interior quality looks much better.
A great trend in all GM interiors.

Now how about the Corvette?

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  1. A huge step up from the last shameful interior. I wouldn’t call this good, maybe just average. -G

  2. What’s up with putting analog clocks in vehicles now days? It takes longer for me to process the time with an analog clock than a digital one. Hummer sucks anyways…screams I have too much money and I have nothing better to spend it on.

  3. Is GM going to put that Impala steering wheel in everything? Ick.

    Oh well, a silly steering wheel for a silly vehicle.

  4. What a concidence… I JUST rented an H2 while on a business trip. It’s a totally obnoxious vehicle, but I really enjoyed having it for four days! The interior was truly shameful for such a high-end vehicle. I LOVED the seats and the thick aluminum shifter. But as for everything else in the interior, parts-bin junk.

    This updated interior is urgently necessary and very nice.

  5. This thing is a big not good for anything gas guzzling over priced sucker.

    There should not be any reason for some one to buy this thing, unless you convince yourself driving an under power GMC pick up truck fufills your crave for an Alpha. Or maybe you can’t afford the real thing, because there are way better choices today.

  6. Personally, I find that analog can be read quicker when checking for incremental changes. Why does the digital clock in a $90,000 Lexus LS looks like an 80s Pulsar wristwatch. The digital clocks in Audis are so much nicer because they use better full color displays. But still, analog is better. This is one design element that Infiniti got correct.

  7. Interesting that GM is now making an issue out of improving its interiors.

    In the past, GM’s interiors were much better than those in Ford or especially Chrysler cars of the 1950s and early ’60s.

    Unless you park your car where you can gaze at it all day, you’ll see much more of your car’s interior than its exterior. It’s no surprise that a drab or cheap interior is a deal killer and a classy interior can sell a car.

    When I was car shopping in 2003, there was nothing that favorably compared with the Honda Accord’s interior and that’s what I eventually bought. My decision was strongly influenced by the upscale look and feel of the interior as well as the Accord’s overall driving performance.

  8. perfect
    i would pick that over the stupid rav4 and then ccl
    this will help my friends and i crush the stupid foreign crap

  9. Douchebag Jones said…


    You have low standards of perfection. But to each her own.

    i would pick that over the stupid rav4

    The cuteUte Rav4 and this Chevy Trailblazer in drag aren’t even in the same class of vehicle. Again, to each her own. Apples and oranges, really.

    and then ccl


    this will help my friends and i crush the stupid foreign crap

    You must start drinking well before the sun goes down. No one but you is talking about crushing anything. But the fact that you need to “crush” something bodes well for your obvious inferiority complex. To express such a disorder here proves you to be psychotic, hence your defense of the H2 as a “crusher” amongst vehicles in general.

    That said, the new Hummer H2 interior is a vast improvement over the previous generation. GM has some great new interior designers.
    ‘Bout damn time, too.

    Still, this penis-extension H2, like your drunken comments, is silly and unnecessary.

  10. my friendas and i go for a justice ride once in a while.
    there is nothing wrong with that
    we just want to make sure people in our are a don’t buy foreign crap that’s all
    i have pictures on my sirte

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