“New” Jaguar XJ

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I guess a new bumper makes a new car…
For some.

That’s the only new thing I can see.
An all new one is still a couple of years away.

I don’t think a new bumper will all of a sudden set sales on fire.
And now it looks a little bit weird.
This is a great car, but I think it needs a bit more to get noticed….

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  1. The front bumper is inelegant for a Jaguar, and the rear bumper looks like a swollen lip.

    I’d still take one if they were giving them away. Make mine black.

  2. If this car is going to compete with the 7 Series, the S class and the A8, it really needs to be larger. It doesn’t have a very imposing curb presence and the interior has always seemed to be a bit tight.

  3. well this is just refresh so not sure why anyone would be expecting a whole new car…..but anyway the front end looks wierd on this car, but the good news is i was reading on another site is the new engine lineup there will be 3 engines the top model is a 500hp supercharged 5.0liter, with xj being already lighter than the cars it competes with i can imagine how fast it will be, especially getting 5.0 flat with 400hp

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