New Jetta Wagon

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Even in another color, it doesn’t really look like a Jetta, does it.

Looks like the people who designed the back never talked to the ones who designed the rest of the car…
(Or never even saw a picture of the rest of the car)

US introduction in April.

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  1. Vince, are you sure this is a real pic and not a photshop? The rear lights look like they came off a Korean car or an old SAAB 9-5…..

  2. This is hideous.

    But the sad part is that you’ll still see them on the road. Some people will still buy and love it, It’s kinda like; no matter how ugly a chick is, there’s always some guys willing to do her.

    I’ll pass, thank you very much.

  3. german garbage that looks like japanese crap.
    looks like these 2 are together again

    the fill makes too much noise anyway
    i never watch that crap

  4. German??? There is nothing German about this fine ‘TOOLED’ and crafted quality MEXICAN lead sled!

  5. Different color? I think not – more like setting sun. Look at the number plates in both pictures – it’s the same car.

  6. have you ever seen a French car? Please visit our websites!
    This thing looks neither French, nor German, nor American but Asian (japanese or korean)!!! The tailights remind me Honda Aerodeck’s. This has no personality, no style and the front doesn’t match the back of the car. weird!

  7. BAHHHHH my eyes are burning! Take it away take it away!!!

    The horror, the horror…

    I hope they don’t try to sell this in America. Keep it in Mexico. They deserve it.

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