New MG!?

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Well, not really.
Just like the “old” small MG was based on the Rover 25, this one looks like a version of the upcoming Roewe 250.
A clone.

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  1. it should be illugal in the us of a to buy a chinese car
    i think that’s what they’ll do sooner or later.

  2. Its the Rover Streetwise. I last gasp UK model. Oh and if it should be illegal to buy Chinese cars in the US, then it should be illegal for GM, Ford and Chrysler to operate in China. Gee that would really go well.

  3. This platform is so old it pre dates BMW’s purchase of Rover in the early 1990’s. This car is based on an old Honda platform.

  4. No matter how old the Rover 25/Streetwise/MG ZR seemed to get, they were still considered to be broadly capable, fun to drive small cars, and well worth considering at the right price. The packaging was well behind the class best, and the quality and reliability had fallen to little more than average for the segment, but the chassis was still capable of teaching newer rivals a thing or two about ride & handling.

    As for the car being based on a Honda platform, thats only true in so much as the R3 platform was based on a combination of parts from the Austin Maestro and the 1989 Rover 200 (R8) – the result of Rover’s only real “joint venture” car with Honda. There was just as much Rover engineering in that car as there was Honda.

    By the time the R3 had morphed into the 25/Streetwise/ZR, there was so little Japanese influence left that Honda had absolutely no case for trying to reclaim IP rights, unlike the Rover 400/45/MG ZS, which was almost wholly Honda influenced.

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